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My Wedding Anni Photos.. *limited time only* Lock Rss

So from the other post.. For our first wedding anni we got photos taken with our dog down at our fave beach, to go on the wall to represent "paper". We also have no photos of ourselves together on the wall that aren't wedding related, so wanted something our life pre kids..

These are just the ones we're having printed.

Gone x

they are beautiful photos, i love the third and fourth one.

you are stunning btw smile

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

Dang! You look like Ken and Barbie smile I mean that as a compliment. Lovely pics and big congrats xx

LOVE them! Gorgeous little family smile

Oh wow, they are gorgeous Beaker! and so are you!!!! smile

Gorgeous photos beaker!

Naw thanks! DH is doing ok in these photos considering he had a very freshly fractured jaw :/
I think he's grown a bit, T. He's still smaller than the cat and 99% of other dogs we see haha
SMS, the spinning one is my absolute fave I think. And we both like the 3rd one too smile

I got some nice frames for them for the wall. The top one will eventually go on canvas.

Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
I love the first one! smile

I plans to have some family picture that are more landscapes with us in them rather than a photo of us IYKWIM. I have had these plans for a long time (4 years or so but had to wait for our family to be complete) DD is getting big enough now to show her "style" rather than just be a baby in the picture. So it is almost time to put my plan into action grin

I love these type of pictures MO3C.. there are a few from our wedding that are like this, and the impact photos like that make is just something else.. Will you see a photographer for them?

Beautiful! Love the one where he's twirling you smile

Gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous couple!
Thanks ladies, I really can't wait to have them on my wall wub
I will take them down in about an hour, before I go to bed.

Stunning I love those photos smile you both are so relaxed and in love

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