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Oh my boy Lock Rss

Haha. Around home I'd be like whatever but wouldn't be game to head out tongue

Haha that is adorable! Around the house I'd be cool, but not sure about going out. However, if he's happy and it's not hurting anyone... smile

Can't wait to see what he wears next

ETA: I forgot to mention that when I did the daycare drop off this morning there was a little boy of about 4 walking around in a beautiful blue princess dress and joggers without a care in the world!
There is a little boy at DD2's kindy that wears a few items of his older sisters clothing.. I personally wouldn't do it outside of the house but around the house i say go for it smile

LOL my nephew loves girls toys and gets jealous when the girls get beautiful dresses, he can't understand why he can't be a princess too.. totally innocent but I suppose boys clothes are more boring.

I think he looks adorable! I'd take my kid out like that. I'm sure I read somewhere recently that purple with hearts is the new black.... wink
Very cute, they do funny things don't they. Kelly is into dolls at the moment and wearing my high heels around the house so why not purple tights with hearts smile

Haha cute!! Dont think i could leave the house with DS wearing those.


Lol that's so cute
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