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Wow T your mum and mil had a lot of kids hey. Where are you in the order?

Little miss I am so sorry your mum lost one of her boys sad

Me - boy, boy (stillborn), boy
Mum and dad - girl, boy, girl
Mil - girl, boy

Me: Girl, Girl, ?
My Mother: Girl, Boy, Boy
MIL: Boy, Boy, Boy

My Nana: Boy, Girl
My Grandma: Boy, Boy, Boy

If you look at all my first cousins I have 8 that are Boys and 1 that is a Girl. This is why everyone was so shocked when we had two girls smile

Me B G G

Mum G G
Mil G B B

My gran B B
My granny G G


Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Me- b, g
My sis- g, g
My bro- g, g
Mum- g, g, b
Maternal grandmother- b, g, g
Paternal grandmother- b, b
Me- Girl, Girl

My mum (&dad)- Girl, Girl, Girl
My DH mum- Boy, Boy, Boy, Girl

My mums mum- Girl, Girl
My dads mum- Boy, Boy, Boy, Boy, Boy, Girl

Forever, for always and no matter what

Me- boy, boy
My sis- girl, boy
My bro- girl, girl
My mum- boy, girl, boy, girl
My MIL- girl, boy
My grandma - boy, boy, boy, boy, girl, girl, girl, boy
My nan- girl, boy, girl, boy, boy.
One of my aunts- girl, girl, girl,girl, girl, girl, girl, girl , boy, girl.

I come from a big family, when my grandma passed away last November she had 40+ grand kids 50+ great grand kids 1 great great Gand child and 2 more great great grandchildren on the way.
Me: Girl, Girl, Girl

Mum girl, girl, girl, girl
Sis girl, girl,
Sis girl, girl
Sis girl, boy

Mil boy, boy, boy
SIL boy, boy.

Me - g b
Mum - b g g b
Mil - b b

Mums mum - g g b
Dad's mum - b b b (stillborn) b

I could put nieces and nephews but it's confusing enough as it is!
Me: Girl, Boy
Mum: Girl, Boy, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl
Sister: Girl (this girl has a boy and a girl also), Boy, Girl, Girl, Girl (stillborn)
Brother: Boy
Brother: Boy, Girl
Sister: Boy, Girl, Girl, Girl
Sister: Boy, Boy
Sister: Boy

MIL: Girl, Girl, Boy, Boy
SIL: Boy, Girl
BIL: Boy
Is it just me, or did the word "girl" start to look weird after a while? tongue
me = boy, girl
mum = girl boy
MIL = boy
FIL = boy,girl,boy

grandma (mum side) = girl,girl,boy
grandma (dad side) = boy,boy,girl,girl

Interesting post smile

Me: b b
My mum and dad: g b
Mil and fil: b b
Bil: b b
Brother: g
Gran (maternal): g b g b
Gran (paternal): g b

Aka G&L smile

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