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Been trying to think of a new name, since DS was born. I don't really have a nickname for him though, I call him Little One, but that's about it...

Was thinking something like Pumpkin patch maybe, but I dunno. Anyone have any suggestions?

what about My Lil Pumkin Seeds 0r My 2 Pumpkin Seeds lol

sorry that's all i got

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SunMoonStars wrote:
what about My Lil Pumkin Seeds 0r My 2 Pumpkin Seeds lol

sorry that's all i got

I like the first one, but still not sure about using pumpkin cos that's DDs nickname. But if I do use it I love your first suggestion smile thanks!

Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
MO2C grin

Hana, that will totally confuse everyone tongue but what happens when we have our 3rd??

No help to you at all but thought I would mention that DH calls DS Little Pooer...I sure hope that one didn't stixk :-/

2 Little Pepitas
2 Lil' Pepitas
The Pumpkin & The Prince
The Pumpkin & Mr ? (first letter of DS's name)

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My6Pk wrote:
Or a total makeover:

The Princess and The Pea

Pumpkin Pair

These are good suggestions

This is totally coming from out of nowhere, but what do you think of Cuddles for Me?

Thanks for all your suggestions, they were good, much better than the ones I was thinking of. But then this one just randomly popped into my head, and it means I don't need to change when we have another smile

And MO3C, not sure I really want twins, but thanks for the suggestion anyways tongue

My6Pk wrote:
Great idea putting your old name in the signature. Do you mind if I do the same? Not everyone is aware of my new profile name yet.

No, go ahead, got the idea off someone else on here ages ago anyways. But your name and tickers do give it away a little wink I knew it was you smile

I like both new names ladies! My6pk you are easy to recognise smile

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