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Spud is 1 :) Lock Rss

OMG!!! That cake is unreal!!! I love the shot of Lachlan eating his cake too smile looks fabulous! What a great idea getting professional shots too, I bet they will be great cos they will capture all the things you didn't see or think of cos you were busy enjoying the party!

Oh I want a Cookie Monster party now!
Wow that cake is amazing... He's a beautiful boy smile

Tickled*pink wrote:
Thanks guys wub

The cookie monster on top is rice krispie. He turned out a lot bigger than we anticipated lol

That's so cool, I have seen them do that on cake decorating shows, where they are doing difficult shapes and use Rice Krispie stuff to mould into the way they want. So clever.
Wow love the cake. Lachlan seems to be loving his cake, nice tie too. grin

Aw ww just gorgeous tickled smile and a big happy birthday to spud! Love the cake eating one!

O.M.G. Best cake EVER!!!!! Absolutely amazing, how talented is your mum!?!?!

Looks like an awesome day was had by all especially spud chowing down on his cake there laugh his nappy will be quite surprising tomorrow I would think after that rainbow cake! laugh laugh

He is gorgeous TP, and the party looks fab smile
WOW! Can I have your mum's number?! What an awesome cake. Love the photos but that last pic of spud eating his cake is just fantastic smile Happy birthday to your little man
Tickled*pink wrote:
Omg misskel, I just changed a blue pooey nappy! Lol

Haha!! I'll bet it was gross.. but just a little bit funny, right?!! laugh
How cute! Happy 1st Birthday to little Spud smile

The professional photos are going to look awesome I'm sure!
Happy 1st birthday Lachlan.

that cake is just amazeballs, your mum did a brilliant job! love it all

hope everyone had a fabulous day grin

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Haha blue nappy - too funny!!

Can't believe your mum made that cake, I didn't read that in your first post (der..) She's so talented!
Drats, missed the photos but hope your little man had a wonderful 1st birthday Tickled smile

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