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Slacktarts wrote:
I admit I don't like the slogans much either. I got given a few second hand baby tops that say things like
"My mum's a fox" and "I take the fun out of shopping" and I'm too embarrassed to use them and take him out in public like that.

Eww, yes I agree slacktarts, tacky, tacky!! I'd never buy slogan tops for ds.

For my ds I love him in stripes, polo tops, surf and skate t-shirts. I always find something I like for him at cotton on kids, country road or surf shops. Sometimes target has some ok stuff too, their skinny jeans are awesome not sure if they're doing them again this winter though?? pumpkin patch is not my style for boys and Kmart is a bit hit and miss. I've heard best and less have some cool stuff for boys too.
After 3 boys I do enjoy dressing dd, it's a nice change. I love boys stuff, love jeans and nice shirts etc too. Dd mostly wears leggings and tees and basic dresses. I actually get annoyed at how difficult it is to buy dresses that are nice but practical for everyday wear. Most is pink, glittery or diamanté covered or too cutesy, or silly or inappropriate slogans. Not my taste at all. My guilty pleasure is shoes. Dd LOVES shoes! So I do enjoy getting her nice shoes smile My sister lives OS and sends over some lovely dresses. Lots of colours and practical enough to wear everyday. When dd was born we got a few things in every shade of pink which is ok in moderation, but anything in hot pink or "princess" written anywhere on it, pictures of cute cats or dogs had to go out. So many nice baby things in basic colours Gendering a baby is just unnecessary IMO.
Because Emmy is so fussy I dread clothes shopping with her, she is great at turning on the tears if she doesn't like something so we usually let her choose, but force her to wear anything that MIL or Santa gives her. I love love love dressing Noah - probably because he doesn't care what he wears but the cute boys clothes I find I love them smile
My_little_dazzler wrote:
Tickled*pink wrote:
Have you looked on ? There was some dresses that might suit?

Oh thankyou grin I just saw a dress and hat on there that looks pretty adorable, very 50's

They sell a lot of RYB on ebay & if you do buy brand new stuff you can often sell it for more than what you paid. Some crazy lady paid $96 + postage just last night on a pair of size 1 pants on ebay smile
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