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Something sweet your child has done lately Rss

Thought it was time for a warm fuzzies post smile

Lately DS has been telling me he loves me a lot completely out of the blue. It's so nice to hear it when I haven't said it first.

The other day he had some rolled up paper that he was looking through and he said
"I see.... A beautiful mummy" wub I feel so lucky to have such a sweet little boy wub

Your turn to share smile

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

My 3 yr old wants to marry me, which I think is sweet. She also wants to marry Diego from go Diego go. So she says "I'm going to marry Diego and Mummy!"
Aw ww these stories are cute. Ds1 is cute when I leave him at kindy, he says have a good morning mummy and he asks me what ds2 and I are doing.

Kinda sweet but funny too - this morning my eldest gave me a hug before leaving to catch the school bus and because he's so tall we stand pretty much eye to eye now. He goes, "my days of looking up are over!" I thought it was funny.

My almost 6 month old gives me such beautiful smiles all day long, I don't feel I deserve them but he seems unconditionally generous in his affection.
Aww so cute. T that photo is so cute, although Isaiah looks like he's about to spill his milkshake on Graces head LOL

My daughter grabs my face really hard and pulls her face right up to mine and smiles at me. It hurts, but I know it's all done with love haha

What sweet kiddies smile

My DS is always saying "i love you mum" and "your the best mum-mum ever" he is such a sweety.

Last week he picked flowers for his teacher which i thought was adorable smile

I think Lulu has a funny mind lol. Sitting at the doctors surgery this morning waiting to be called in she looked up and me and smiled and said ' You look very ......(and I was waiting for the beautiful she normally says)......grown up today. LMAO then she proceeded to tell me that my handbag looked very Cheap.

Full of compliments this morning haha

Forever, for always and no matter what

Does this count.....

DS2 whispered to me at his bed time last night "l love you mummy so much l'm going to kiss you....then l'll fart you out the door!" Hmmmmmm......not sure if that fits into the 'sweet' category!

DD1 is drawing pictures of mummy and daddy and leaving 'I love you' notes every where. When I was sick with gastro about a mth ago, she took charge and made her sisters breakfast and lunch, hung out my washing and done my dishes smile she is a very thoughtful little girl. DD2 has started drawing pictures for us now too

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