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3rd birthday gift ideas Lock Rss

Its our nephews birthday this weekend and i have no idea what to get him. He seems to be one of those kids who already has everything. Ideas please??

Thomas train sets, theres like a million different ones. Got my nephew a quarry and he loved it. Lego or blocks of some sort. Anything Cars seems to be popular with young boys. As a parent I prefer when people get dd books, clothes or money.

For my sons 3rd birthday last year, friends got him a drink bottle filled with cars (he loved it!), superhero play dough, my little caterpillar game etc. he loves anything superhero (especially Iron Man) and there's lots out now. Another big hit has been the instabeds or ready beds. You can get them on special for around $40 and they are great for sleepovers at Nanna and Poppa's or just relaxing on watching tv. Hope those suggestions help smile
Oh yes Super heros! DS is an Iron Man fan too smile Transformers are cool, lego, tool set, dress up costumes (like Batman, superman), hot wheels cars, a torch (can get cool lego ones). What is he into?

Im not sure what he is into. We dont see him often enough to actually know. Thats why im finding it so hard.

A picture book? That's always a nice gift.
My sister made DS a 'tent in a bag'. She made up a simple draw string bag with some check material, bought a flat bed sheet and sewed some felt stars and things on it and put it in the bag with a torch. Then made an 'instruction book' showing how you could use it to make a tent over the dining table/over the washing line/between 2 chairs etc. DS thinks it's brilliant and loves having a play in his 'tent'.

at k-mart they have the kids pop up tent, sleeping bag and torch or lanturns that could be fun.
or maybe a pillow pet with some pj's

Pop into Toy World and I'm sure you'll get inspired! I sew things for my nephew usually smile Someone got DS a cool wooden pirate ship for Xmas and he loves it.

Thanks for the ideas ladies. Will have a look at a few and see what looks best.

Lol. I was planning on posting a similar topic....

Its my DS 3rd birthday in a couple of weeks and I don't really have any ideas what to get for him! sad Going to have to ask DH if he can come up with anything and do some searching me thinks!

Anyone else who has suggestions for 3 year old boys feel free to hit me with them! smile
A bike (the wooden running bikes are cool)? A wooden work bench?

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