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3rd birthday gift ideas Lock Rss

Thanks hun. DH bought him (in the boxing day sales) a bike already.

DH makes present buying hard because if he sees something that he wants he gets it! Lol. Probably coz its not normally him that then has to organise xmas/birthday gifts! Hahaha! He has said maybe we can go shopping this weekend tho so maybe I will get some help! Hahaha!

I dont normally have so much difficulty. Lol. he even has lots of clothes though that said, his clothes all got a second lease on life when he stopped wearing nappies and that was about a year ago so surely he will need some more soon... Lol.
My 3 yr old likes sticker, activity and colouring books and felt tip pens. Which I think makes a great gift.

A doctors play set.

You can get art houses that are cardboard and the kids can colour in. I know mocka have them, but you probably can get cheaper.

Floor puzzle

A kids torch.

Bubble machine.

Kmart has lots of dress up options.

A book, fav author's at our place are Oliver Jeffers, Moe Wiiliems, Mike Inkpen.

Leap pad

Orchard games are good. We have the shopping list game. You can them from places like toyworld too.
Dress ups! For a 3 yo boy I'd say anything superhero like spiderman, or ninja turtles etc would be a hit. Big w, kmart, toys r us etc have a good range and a reasonable price to spend on a present.

Oops just realised your in nz, not sure if you have the same shops there.
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