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Why do you come on huggies? Lock Rss

In the beginning it was for support TTC, then advice with pregnancy related stuff and now it's mainly for a chat and to see what you're all up to smile

Tigerlily. wrote:
In the beginning it was for support TTC, then advice with pregnancy related stuff and now it's mainly for a chat and to see what you're all up to smile

+1 smile

Mostly to just chat. I've made some awesome friends on here! smile which is lovely. Sometimes I have questions and I love the games. I tend not to get involved in debates so I love all the light hearted stuff. Huggies is my escape smile it's also great to have somewhere to share little bits of news and exciting happenings as well

I had an account way back when i was pregnant with DS 5 yrs ago but didnt use it much then came on again when i had DD and just for someone other than the kids to talk too and get advice from or just t have a read and giggle.

It started with needing advice then just entertainment and chit chat I guess. There are a couple of people on here I talk to a bit and I like to see how everyone is getting on or who is pregnant or had their bubs. Plus the trolls entertain me a bit when you ladies get going with them smile

Basically just because (even now when my own dd is 9 years old) I still dont have any friends with kids, so was nice to talk to others at the same stage as me. And lovely having other poeple to chat to etc.
I started on here because I was the only one of my friends to have a baby at 21 and felt a bit alone and unsure of how to care for a baby. Now, I come on here because I like having a place to chat that is a bit removed from my real life - that sounds really antisocial!

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I needed advice when I was pregnant....then when I had a baby I needed MORE I still need advice but also feel like I can respond and help others too. I alos enjoy the chitchat these days. I'm not part of a mothers group and don't know many mums who went through the same issues as me. Didn't know anyone who breastfed either so this was a great way to talk to like minded mums experiencing similar things.

I joined huggies after I had my now 4yr old ds. I was going through alot and really needed alot of support and advice. I am pretty sure I wouldn't have made it through without all the wonderful support I received from other mums here on Huggies. xx

I originally came to Huggies in my 2nd pregnancy, I had questions, so asked away. Got good answers too!

I then got busy... once I gave birth, I spectated, browsed the forums.

Its just been recently Ive kinda had time, or a reason to reply/post.

It has frustrated me on different occasions when I come for a browse and there isnt many new posts. However, mainly I think the active community is pretty cool.

I joined up because we're having trouble conceiving. Do more lurking than posting smile but it's nice to know it's not just us that has trouble conceiving and read the success stories!

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