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Let me know too smile

Slacktarts wrote:
I'm not sure what's happening but don't leave without me!!!

laugh I thought this was cute so here's a cute meme to go with it!

Aaaaw Tigerlily that's so cute! Thanks. I love rabbits too smile
Don't leave me behind either! Will miss all you lovely ladies if you leave!

how exciting! Wheels already in motion, wow! Cant wait to see how it turns out smile

A new forum?!?! LOVE IT!!!!!

The Zing will be the most awesome place for us to "hang" laugh
Will posting website info on here be classed as spam? Will it be deleted before we all see it?
I have started on the page will be posting details & web site tomorrow arvo. I hope you will all join & enjoy it.
Nae&be is it ok if I send u a friend request to bounce some ideas off u.

Do you need help with anything? Want me to post some logos or something for people to decide on?

Rosie Mumma wrote:
Shouldn't be- I post links to websites all the time and they're not removed.

I know, but I was just thinking the mods might get cranky, seeing as it's to do with a forum to almost replace this know?
Rosie Mumma wrote:
Hopefully they'll be as slack as they are with removing spam wink

laugh Hopefully.
Wowsers it's all happening! smile

When I hear zing, I think of bright colours like orange and yellow.
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