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Hi there. Does anyone have any ideas on how to produce more breast milk? I've tried lots of pumping and drinking lots of water, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I'm not anti formula, but I would really like to get some more milk going so I can discontinue the occasional top up of formula. My baby's due to have an operation on her heart sometime in the next few month and would really like to get some breast milk stored away just in case it's needed.
The herbal supplements work really well. I used to drink fenugreek tea whilst breast feeding DD. Also, if you don't want to/can't cook lactation cookies, look up Pinky McKays Boobie Bikkies. I don't know if she posts to NZ but they're meant to be really good

You could try going calling la leche league and see what they suggest.
I would be putting your little one to the breast as often as possible, this will help increase your supply along side eating and drinking plenty smile
Using formula, although helping short term will not help increase your milk supplies in the long term.

I started domperidone tablest 3 times a day 3 weekd ago and it is working fantastically. Def reccomend trying them as my middle baby my milk dried up when he was 4 months old and i started having the same thing this time, now i have been leaking over i have so much.
I found lactation biscuits to be great. It's the combination of oats and brewer's yeast I believe. Pinkies "boobie bikkies" are really yummy but also quite expensive. If you've got a good friend that is looking to help out, perhaps ask them to bake you some.
Good luck with your little one's operation x
Thank you everyone for the good advice. I'm starting the tea tonight, but i'm unsure where to get Brewers yeast from. I looked in the supermarket but couldn't find it. Also Linseed Meal, does anyone know where to find that please?
You can get both from Heath food shops. The cookies are even more effective raw, so go for it if you like cookie dough smile

I had supply issues too, tried fenugreek capsules but didnt find they made much if any difference (tho my friend who was bf at the same time took them occasionally and she then had oversupply, guess they work differently for diff people) I then had domperidone prescribed like a couple others have said and this worked really well for continuing to make enough milk to express.
My midwife gave me a recipe to increase supply, 1 litre milk, 2 T icecream, 1 T milo, 1 banana, 1 teaspoon yeast and whizz it all up and drink it throughout the day. Must be the yeast in it that helps? Anywy, it was good to keep in the fridge with a straw in it and I sipped away all day. Plus I think I doubled the icecream and milo just cause I could!
Will give the drink a try! Thank you everyone for the advice. The cookies are cooking in my oven!
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