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Pictures of DD's dolls house and birthday cake Lock Rss

Wow! Looks amazing smile
Did you make the dollhouse?
What a neat idea for the cake!

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AMAZING mo3c's you should be so proud! It's all come together so perfectly. (Just PM'd you a sec ago)

WOW MO3C looks great!

How awesome is that dolls house?! Not to mention the cake. Looking good! smile
Too too cute, well done mo3c smile you've done a wonderful job

The cake looks fantastic M. Very pretty and girly.
And good job on the dollhouse, you'll have to post a pic when it's fully furnished!
Happy birthday to MissA xx she's one lucky girl!

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O wow! You have done an amazing job!

That is so so cool MO3C, well done smile
They both look great! I love the cake. So clever!

They look fantastic smile I love the cake.
Amazing mo3c!!! LOVE it!!!!
Wow, looks even more amazing fully furnished mo3c. Love it. And the cake is amazing! I think that looks awesome! You need to add step photos. Or cut up ones so we can see what or how you did it!!! Lol.
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