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Some of my cakes I have made?
Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
I've seen them already tongue
yeah I thought you had but thought I would ask you if you did lol
I would love to see if you want to share. Thanks smile

this was the easter cake I made my sister and her daughter

The big flwers you see on this cake I had to borrow as my boy "helped" me and they broke lol
Oh wow!!! I came on at the right time!! They are really lovely! Your very clever!!
Wow. Awesome. That Easter cake is soooo cute! smile love it!
Wow they are gorgeous! You're very clever smile
They're beautiful smile
Thanks guys smile
they look great, you're very clever.

They look great, your very talented smile
Doejayla wrote:
lol got to love spam sneaking in wink
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