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Hi there, wondering if anybody has any tips or ideas. My DD is 6mths old & is sleeping from 8pm-2/3/4am or 6am some nights - I am shushing her back to sleep most times when she wakes before 4am as she has done many nights from 8pm-6am so I know she can do it & should not be hungry. But this morning she woke at 4am & I tired for 45mins to shush her back but no go so I ended up feeding her which is not ideal as I'm trying to wean her from her night feeds as I start back at work in 4wks & ideally would like her sleeping through most nights. Would you say the 4am wake is for a feed as she is hungry? If I feed her am I wrecking my hard work of the last few days shushing her back to sleep? No idea what to do now?
Thanks for that. I'm just thinking maybe she should & can sleep through as many other friends with babies this age are sleeping through 10-13hrs a night?? I feel cheated, but I guess I have the normal 6mth old & they are the lucky ones? Does it tend to just happen that they sleep through regularly or do you need to do sleep training to teach them?
Also I am panicking about starting back at work in 4wks, burning the candle at both ends & big changes for her going into care for 4 days per week. That also is probably going to disrupt her sleeping ???
Oh yes, totally normal to be waking up at 6 months old for a feed!

For me when DD was 6 months old and still wanting one feed at 3am I just gave it to her. It took an hour to resettle her but took 10 mins to feed her. And then she slept on until 7am. She outgrew it and at 8 months stopped waking up for her night feed.

Sometimes I think it makes things harder for ourselves when we plan and think too far ahead, things with kids can change in a minute smile And I'm a huge planner too, so even though our kids have a routine, we still try just go with the flow, if that makes sense!! smile
Thanks for your support. Totally understand that I will never be able to sleep again the way I did, but I just felt maybe I was doing something wrong as I said you hear about all these so called perfect sleepers sleeping all night 10-13hrs then they also say they should be getting 10-12hrs sleep per night by this age & they are able to do this. Yes got to stop comparing but was a wee bit worried that I should be doing the sleep training thing as that seems to be the hot thing at the mo!!?? But there is always something & as I know & you said to they are forever changing no two days are the same. Makes me feel better saying we are very normal with her still waking at night.
Hi Mummsy, thanks for that. Yes I'm a huge planner & like everything to be in order & organised have I been shaken in to reality with my baby girl. Yes waking once & usually only up for 30mins if I just feed her & get on with it but trying to wean her of her night feeds. Only thing is regardless of when she wakes & how much she drinks she is always awake for 6am bang on the dot!!! Would love it to be later but I guess I gotta go with it as starting work soon she will need to be up early enough for us to both get ready & on our way. I hope she does grow out of it, but so many people have said to me if I keep feeding her she will keep waking for a feed out of habit - hmmmm? not sure I want that? Must just try to take it day by day & night by night I guess I'm just getting very anxious as I am back to work soon & worried about being able to cope with being up - as some random nights she can wake twice?
How much will you be working? What time does she go to bed? Is she having solids? What does she eat through the day? What does her day look like? Sorry for the third degree! smile

She very well might be and probably is waking up for a comfort feed. But for me, it didn't worry me as it just was quicker and easier to feed her and then she was straight back to sleep. Where I did try to resettle her for a couple of nights and she was awake for an hour! So it just seemed to me to make sense to just give her the feed smile

Oh and 6am isn't too bad, I have a friend whose kids have always woken up at 5am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats still night for me!!!!!!!!! smile

I can understand you want to have it all sorted out and feeling like its going to all work well when your back at work but like you said....babies tend to be a bit of a reality check!!! smile

I don't have any advice really....other then I have heard of some people sending their partner in to resettle rather then mummy as she is used to you feeding her? Or offering water? In all honesty though...6 months is still pretty young and I wouldn't be stressed about her still having a feed. And even though that seems as it will be hard when you go back to work I guess you might just have to go with won't last forever! smile
Oh I just re read your first post where you said she goes to bed at 8pm. Can you try to bring her bed time forward to 7pm? I guess your worried if you do that she will wake earlier?

We used baby bliss routines and found them so good for guidance in sleeping and feeding.

They are free but for some reason you have to put them in a cart and fill out the form for delivery before you can download them....
Thanks so much for all your help. Yes down at 8pm & yes I'm worried if I put her down earlier she will wake earlier sometimes it's 7.30pm. Yes she eats solids 3 times a day but not a big foody doesn't really drink that much either can take or leave her bottle but I do my best to get as many mls as I can in to her during the day. I guess the reason I'm posting is she can do 10+ hours as she has done a whole week of it but NEVER consistant.
I am doing 4 days 8.30-4pm if this works if its to much will cut back to start with. I guess when she goes in to care to the whole sleep thing will change again & be unsettled for a while.
She has started to commando crawl as well & people say oh wont be long she'll be tired & sleep - ah no!!!
Thanks will check out that site & try the routines.
At 6 months DS was going down at about 6pm, and I would get him up for a Dreamfeed at 10pm and then he would go through to 6am.
Maybe you could try to introduce a dreamfeed?
DS was waking at 2am for a feed until I introduced the dreamfeed, and for me staying up until 10pm was much more acceptable than being woken at 2am.
It's so tricky to know what to do for the best smile

Hi there, yes I thought about trying this but unless she is hungry she will not drink her bottle so I thought this might back fire if I wake her to drink & she doesn't want it then I might struggle to get he back. She is not a foody at all can take or leave her bottle or solids unless she's really hungry. Hope it's not the start of any food issues. She will just hold her lips closed so tightly & swing her head side to side to avoid the bottle. I try to force her to drink as much as possible before bed but no go! You can't make a baby drink i've learnt that with her.
You'll probably spend longer trying to shush her back to sleep than doing a quick feed and back to sleep. Waking once a night at that age is awesome. Both my boys were waking 2-3 times a night at that age (and when DS2 was waking that many times I still had to get up when DS1 woke too).

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