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grocery shopping Rss

It is a pretty poor fortnight and I need to do my fortnight shopping on $200 or less. $200 could be pushing it. I have plenty of rice, tin tomato, a can of lentils. I need ideas for main meals what are cheap, healthy and will feed a family of 6. Please help my mind is blank.
What about spag Bol?!

Or even just plain pasta with sauce?!

Um?! Quiche?!
can bulk meals out with really cheap veg? we have chilli/spag bol/curry etc with cheap cuts of meat, and not that much meat in them, but bulk out with pumpkin, carrots and onion. If you fry the pumpkin really slowly initially it will go all mushy and become part of the sauce, so then it's just a sneaky veg in the sauce smile

1. Buy chicken to make chicken risotto (but use the rice)
2. Buy minced meat (bulk) separate it to make meat balls with lentils in them, spaghetti, burgers with salad, veggie and mince pies
3. Buy noodles to make a stir fry
4. Buy tinned tuna/fish and cook with pasta or make fish sandwiches
5. Make a dozen veggie soup
6. Corn and celery soup

Good luck, I'll be lucky to spend a minimum $200 a week on groceries let alone two weeks with 6 mouths to feed.
I have an Asian cook book with this easy & cheap recipe Mince beef with scrambled egg.

500g Mince
2tbp light soy sauce
3tsp sesame oil
1tsp caster sugar
1/2tsp salt
3tbp peanut oil
1 Red onion
1 Red chilli (finely chopped)
4 eggs
Black pepper

Cooked rice to serve


Break up mince with fork & place in large bowl with 1 1/2 tbp of the soy sauce and 2tsp of sesame oil. Stir in sugar and salt and season with black pepper. Leave to marinate for 15mins.

Heat 2tbps peanut oil over high heat add onion, chilli, stir fry for 2mins. Add mince cook until golden but not browned. Then drain.

Wipe the pan, return to heat and pour remaining peanut oil. Whisk eggs with remaining soy sauce & sesame oil, season with pepper. Tip the eggs into the oil and scramble for 1 min. Add the mince back into the pan for another minute.

Serve with rice.

Tuna mornay served with rice

Bolognaise, a large batch made with the lentils as well, use some for spaghetti then can use some on baked potatos or into shepherds pie

Impossible pie (google this best recipes, sorry don't have time to write out whole recipe but its sort of like quiche

Check out the supermarket specials too

Supermummy wrote:
What about spag Bol?!

Or even just plain pasta with sauce?!

Um?! Quiche?!

Pasta is great for a cheap meal/meals. We have 5 in our family and I generally freeze 4 portions of the sauce so it gets us through quite a while...

We often have a basic meal night of just baked beans and eggs on toast. Surprisingly the kids love it

Bump again bloody spam

Thanks guys keep them coming
Just had a thought, I made dinner for DH and I last night and prob cost about $2.50 all up for the amount we ate... There was heaps left over (enough for the kids to have for dinner tonight and DH to take for lunch so prob enough to feed a family of 6)... Think it cost maybe $6 all up for the entire meal which I didn't think was bad!

I bought 2 tubes of sausage meat a little while ago ($7 for 2), used one for the meal last night. I made sausage meatballs in tomato soup sauce with cheesy mashed potato. I was naughty and didn't do veg with it but if you did you could bulk it out even more and prob for fairly cheap!

I used the leftover crusts from ds birthday party (I cut Dino sandwhiches and saved the crust) and made into breadcrumbs. Added some sage. And a couple of onions. And the sausage meat. Mixed it all up and made into balls. It made about 30 decent sized balls?! Popped in the oven for a bit and while they started cooking I got out some tomato soup from freezer (I made a big batch a while back and froze it. Cost like $20 all up for about 15l?! I used about 1l?! Defrosted it and poured over the top of the meatballs (so they were covered in it and all around.

Then I made some mashed potato (I added cheese and put some ontop too then popped in oven coz I like cheesy mash but normal mash would be fine and cheaper). The mash tastes awesome with the tomato soup stuff over and the meatballs are great and kid friendly too. smile

Like I said the amount I made should have fed a family of 6 ish and more if bulked out with veges or salad etc
I've also done using the same sausage meat tubes

*scotch eggs (hard boiled eggs, roll in flour, put sausage meat around egg and roll in egg& breadcrumbs. Then deep fry til meat cooked and serve with chips (I buy $2 of takeaway chips and make a batch of scotch eggs). Not healthy but sooo yum! And fairly cheap. Prob get about 9 scotch eggs from 2 tubes of meat so 9 scotch eggs and chips for about $9.

* sausage meat pie - fry up sausage meat (choping it in the pan to make small bits) add onions, mixed frozen veges, whatever else you have on hand and a tin of baked beans. Put it in a dish and put mashed potato on top. Sprinkle with a bit of cheese and pop in the oven. (Kinda like a cottage pie but with sausage meat so cheaper than mince). Costs probably $7?!
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