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Panic attacks Lock Rss

Hi there
Just wondering if anyone suffers from panic attacks? How do you manage them?
Thanks smile

I am kitty wink

Hi there, I have anxiety and use to have quite a few panic attacks, not so many these days thank god!
But for me I found the best thing was distraction. Doing anything I could that would get my mind off the panic attack. I was going to see someone about the panic attacks who suggested focusing on the panic attack and breathing, taking deep breaths and breathing down into your stomach....this didn't work for me. I use to drive for work and have panic attacks in the car, I use to think....will I make it to my next destination without passing out because I couldn't breathe properly, then when I got there it was like a switch and the pinic attack would be gone...until I got in the car again.
So guessing everyone is different. If I find myself heading that way now, I lie down and imagine myself somewhere lovely that I've been before and try and focus all my thoughts there.
Hope this is of some help smile
Thank you! It does help smile
I've always been quite anxious but it's only been since having children that I've been getting panic attacks. They rarely happen but when they do it frightens me because it's usually when I'm driving. However, they pass quickly and I'm fine within minutes. The panic attack I suffered recently was extremely debilitating and I ended up in hospital. I'm beginning to suspect my thyroid is playing a role in this (history of postpartum graves). It's also been a highly stressful year.
I've tried breathing techniques but that makes the attack worse. My most recent attack lasted over an hour, first thing in the morning and I was so worried about having another one that it was triggering them off all day.
I'm seeing my GP on Wednesday to get my bloods checked and to try and devise an action plan.
I appreciate your reply. It's good to know I'm not alone

I am kitty wink

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