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I have a question about giving way at a set of traffic lights. In this scenario which describes the correct thing to do?
It is a two lane intersection, you want to turn right at the traffic lights and the car opposite wants to turn left. If there are no oncoming cars wanting to go straight through the intersection do you
A. Have to give way to the car turning left before you can turn right or
B. Because you are both turning onto a two lane street can you both go at the same time assuming that you take the right hand lane and the other car would take the left.

Just curious on what the correct road rules are and I'm so far not having any luck finding any info on it. If anyone has a link that would be great thanks smile

Yep I would say go at the same time and staying in your own lane is non negotiable laugh

Oops just re-read your post and realised you are after the correct road rules not road rules according to TallulahBelle wink

The overriding rule is "give way to the right" so it's A. Regardless of how many lanes you have to wait for the other car to complete their left turn.
Give way to the car turning left. I've had a couple of times where cars have almost hit me by turning into the other lane and not giving way to me in this same type of scenario.
That's interesting. I would have said if there's 2 lanes then you can both go. Maybe the rules are different here tho. Or maybe I just don't know the road rules! wink lol. Why would you have to give way if there's a land for each of you?!

Nz rule a little while ago would have been give way to the person turning right (if anyone had to give way) but they recently changed it to be more in line with other places so is now give way to the person turning left. Tho as I said, if you each have a lane then you should both be able to go I would have thought. Interesting... Now I'm curious! Lol.
TallulahBelle wrote:
Oops just re-read your post and realised you are after the correct road rules not road rules according to TallulahBelle wink


Thanks ladies for all of your replies smile

The reason I asked is because I have always thought that if there is two lanes then both can go at the same time if there is no oncoming traffic...that was until one of the mums at school said that I cut her off one day lol. She said a lot of people do that (turn into their closest lane) so she waits for them now. Another mum agreed with me so we were on the lookout for the correct rule.

Supermummy If I find anything I'll let you know smile

Supermummy, in NZ the correct rule is to both turn at the same time into the closest lane. Even if there is no traffic opposite you, you still should turn into the lane closest to you. I know this because one day my husband got ticketed for not turning into the closest lane grin

That said, I do still tend to obey the give way to your left rule because so many people DON'T turn into the closest lane and turn into whatever lane they want.
Thanks never asleep. Wouldn't have thought it was a ticket able offense to take the corner wide if there was no other traffic!

But nz drivers are crap and I have learnt that no matter what I do or how legal it may be I should be prepared with my foot on the brake and hand on the horn.... I regularly do roundabouts with my horn going as people try to sideswipe me by using both their lane and mine! But that's another story... wink lol.
Just a little update on this topic, I spoke to a police officer today and the laws in qld say that B is correct if there are two lanes. Each person has to follow the lane closest to them and once they have finished the turn they can indicate into another lane if safe to do so.

I say that A can't be right. You have to give way to the right which means that you both have to give way to each other since your on that cars right and that car is on your right. Get what I mean? Which means you can both turn at the same time.

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Yeah you give way to your right usually but if the car is turning left they have the right of way since there is no crossing for them so the one that crosses the road to go the same way gives way to all oncoming traffic which includes the one turning left like at a traffic light does thst make sense?
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