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Mother in Law and C-Section Lock Rss

You dh needs to step up here and be firm with your (his and yours) wishes that she not stay. If she's going to be difficult about it and you already have the support of your mum then it might sound harsh but I'd not tell the MIL when the c/s is scheduled for, give her a date a week after or so.
You can lift your baby but that's the guide - not to lift anything heavier than him/her. Driving is common sense, you might be able to drive but do you feel safe doing so. My dr said a few weeks if you drive a automatic but longer if it's manual. Just be prepared that you'll probably have less energy than you're used to after natural births, as common as they've become they are still major surgery.
Have had 2cs, agree with all comments above about keeping up pain meds even if you think you're ok, and checking your car insurance policy for driving rules. I personally felt really good a few hours after my last section. I'd just tell her you'll be fine and let her know if you need help, otherwise the incorrect date. I'm being vague about my next section date for slightly different reasons but nevertheless it is only your business anyway.
No way in hell would that woman be allowed in my house! Put your foot down and make sure your husband backs you in your decision!

I've had 3 c-section & i had my MIL for my last one & the biggest mistake i ever did.

I don't know why a doctor would say you can't pick up a baby cause that all you can do. You can't drive until doctor gives you the go a head to drive. Washing & hanging up i was told 6 months after c-section. You can look after your other kids has long has you don't pick them up. You can do the shopping online or get your partner to take you or get him to do it, just tell him that he has to stick to the shopping list.
Tell your partner what you need help with. He be able to step up & help you out on things that you can't do.
You can walk up steps just hold onto when the wound is ( i use to have 16 steps to go up & down). I gave hubby the baby so i could do it.
My hubby has step up & he does the washing & cleaning & takes our eldest son to school & picks him up. I waiting to get the go a head to drive. He takes me shopping or to any thing i need to go.
I do what i know my body can handle & after 3 c-sections i know the rules.
MIL will have to be your partner problem. I wish i never got my MIL to come here cause all she did was cause both my hubby & myself more stress than what we need.
If you can lock yourself in a room & don't let her in.

having also had 3 c-sections I agree with the tips form the other ladies.

you can definately manage on your own if your hubby is willing to take some time off work (2 weeks would be perfect) and hep out with cooking, cleaning etc. Your mum sounds like she has made a great offer to watch your older kids. I am sure they will enjoy some time with her too.

It can be done and although recovery is different for everyone, I honestly think you will manage without her.

Good luck

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

'Don't be worried about c sec I've just had my first and it was a c sec and was scared. The hospital staff and midwives were brilliant and all went well. I was up and about next day (they won't let you lay there any longer than that) and was off pain killers by the time I left hospital 4 days later. I took panadol when I over did things at home. They tell you not to do washing but I was two days later just used the drier instead if hanging it. Hubby cooked for me for the first few days and I had more arguments with hin trying to stop me doing things but I explained i only do what I can and leave the rest for him . My MIL wanted to do everything as it was her first grandchild and even though she was annoyed wouldn't let her, I explained that I was an independant person who never had anyone do things for them and I was not able to stop that just because I had a child and I had to learn to do things on my own anyway. She still drops a few comments about me not allowing her to do things for her grandchild but I just ignore them. I also only allowed one vistor at a time and if I had someone there noone else could visit. It sounded harsh but you feel very flustered otherwise. It was great in the hospital cause the midwives would limit your visitors and will keep all out if you want time out too. Use them where you need too. I had no visitors the day of the c sec on advise from the midwives and I let everyone know that and I don't regret doing it as it gave me and hubbby special time with our little bundle of joy. I was told no driving for six weeks as the seatbelt sits where your wound is and after being passenger I understand about the seatbelt cos it did rub there if not held out. I advise you to only listen to hospital drs, nurses and midwives cos too many people give you horror stories and that are not factual and only add stress which you don't need so just kick back and relax cos it ain't scary and remeber its the best thing for bubs and that is whats most important..
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