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I heard my kids giggling down the hallway. Like having an absolute ball of a time. I should've known they were up to mischief. They had opened a brand new packet of toilet paper and thrown about 10 rolls around the toilet, hallway and bathroom. The cheeky little things!! I got pretty mad but then couldn't help thinking oh I bet that was so much fun laugh
Bahahaha, sorry for laughing, but I can just picture it and I would have had the same reaction as well. I can see my two doing something like that - actually DD1 would already do that given half the chance!
laugh i wasn't expecting it, I thought they'd be a bit old to do something like that. But the giggling was priceless so I'm over my cranky moment wink
I hope you took a photo or video - it would make a fantastic 18th birthday footage.
My DD has discovered that you can unroll the whole roll into the toilet by putting the end in and flushing haha. Lucky she can't reach the button to flush without a step!

Hahaha oh dear, she will reach that button one day then lookout!

I didn't even think to take a photo!! Was too worried about cleaning it up :/
laugh Oh no! I would have such a hard time keeping a straight face to tell DS not to do that again!

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