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Help!! Top or front loader and which brand? Lock Rss

OK so I have finally had enough of our useless washing machine!!
No matter what wash I use, hot, cold, short, long I still end up with marks on the clothes, and if not marks, loads of fluff as if it hasn't rinsed properly.
I have had the middle of it out and it is spotless, so I think it's just time for a better machine.
But which one??
I don't mind top or front loader, I just want one that washes our clothes smile
Any suggestions/advice greatly received!

Mumof2hunnys wrote:
I have a whirlpool 6th sense front loader 7.5kg load. I am happy with it. I bought it about 3 years ago so I am sure there is a better version of it out now etc. happy with whirlpool, I hear Bosch washing machines are excellent as well. Good luck with shopping! smile

have you had any problems with whirlpool? Apparently mil has told dh that we should stay away from that brand, but then she also said don't get a front loader and im pretty sure I want one smile

Front loader all the way. Mines a whirlpool and I've had no issues. I have been told that the more expensive bosh ones are the best because all the mechanical parts are metal and not plastic like the other brands. My mothers got a Samsung one and it has a night wash function so you can do the washing later at night so it will be cheaper electricity, then it holds it all night after it's done the wash and rinse cycle in the clean water and then the drain/spin is done it the morning all ready to be hung out. Very convenient I wish mine did that.

I'm a front loader convert- love it! We have a Bosch and its fantastic, the clothes come out so clean and the spin on it is amazing much higher rmp so the clothes need less drying time. It's also much more gentle on things, uses less water and takes a bigger load for the space it takes up
I've got a toploader Samsung Intellect SW65ASP. Got it 14 years ago for about $800 when we got married and it's still going strong smile. It's awesome because it's a 6.5kg but it's got only got a mini agitator in the middle so you can fit so much in it. It's super gentle on clothes and delicate stuff.

I think you can get a more updated version now considering mine is so old. But I would get the same one again when this one finally kicks the bucket.

Front loader front loader front loader! I have been a front loader lover for 15 years our first one was a bosch amd was fantastic late last year we had to buy a new one and we got the panasonic and it is just as fabulous. We would have got a bosch but the oanasonic had better water and energy rating. We love it so quiet fantastic wash cycle has a quick 15 min cycle or a quick 60 min i normally wash on a 1.5 hr which just has extra rinse cycle as my son has super sensitive skin.
I only ever wash with sard laundry liquid and every wash has 1/2 measure of napisan in wash and i never have a problem with clothes not being clean. And i never soak any thing smile
We got our from harvey normans and they did a great deal.
So i would say definitely front loader and you cant go wrong with either panasonic or bosch.
Good luck as you can tell im very passionate about my washing machine lol

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

I forgot to add smile that a front loader is much more delicate on your fabrics. Because it doesn't have the agitator so you clothes last much longer. And this is coming from someone who sews and has studied fabrics and all that jazz so definitely much better to go with a front loader smile

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

Front loader! Have had it for 3ish years now and love it. Uses less washing powder, less water and is gentler on clothes. It's a Samsung 8kg so can fit lots in. I like the timer function on it too so can set it to start at 6am so it's ready to hang out after breakfast
And dd LOVES to help do washing, the loading and unloading is fun apparently, she's really good at reaching things at the back wink long may that continue!
Apparently front loaders are better for your clothes and more economical so that's a factor. Check the eeca info: if your interested in the energy side of things. It might help narrow your choice down. Then you can head into a store and find a brand that fits your checklist for some price comparisons.


When our fl fisher&pykel (rubbish machine btw!) broke down last year a phoned a few repair places as I wasn't sure if cost wise it was worth repairing. I asked all of them what they got the most in for repairs and what was brands were easier/cheaper to fix when things did go wrong. I was steered away from Bosch and they said the F&P front loaders always had problems. Gave me lots to think about. We ended up going with a Miele and so far very happy with it. Had it about a year now smile
I have a Miele front loader and would never ever get anything else. Miele is quite a bit more expensive than other brands but by god it's a brilliant machine! I've had mine for almost 5 years and now with 2 kids I wash almost every day and have never had a problem with it. My mum's old Miele lasted her for 20 years so it's a testament to this brand's quality.
Man this is a hard decision.
I do love miele, and have had one before and it was awesome!
but so expensive. I think we will go for a look in Harvey Norman and compare and then wait for a sale.
I have lived with this one long enough, so im sure I can wait for sale time, hopefully one will come up soon!
thank u all for your help smile

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