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Help!! Top or front loader and which brand? Rss

Hey little egg how is the new machine working out? Pros and cons?

Absolutely love it!!!
I'm not sure that I can think of any cons, apart from the fact that being a front loader DS has access to the dials which isn't a biggy as there is a child lock so he can turn them and it makes no difference, but I am trying to train him not to touch them smile
Lovely quiet spin
8kg so loads of room
doesn't have the balance issues like a top loader - I've even washed all our pillows - Yay!!
Has a great variety of length of programs and you can change the default heat and spin if you don't like what comes as default with a particular program
Um, I think that's it, but feel free to ask me if it does something that you want/don't want.
Yep very happy with it smile
Also they have a 30 day money back guarantee (through Beko website, that u have to register for) which I found quite comforting, as you really are going to know if you hate something within 30 days. Also 2 year warranty smile

Thanks smile it sounds really good. My washing machine is coming up 15 years old and still going strong but I know surely it can't last forever so thinking ahead for the next one. I would definitely like to use less water and mine easily unbalances which is a PITA so sounds like a front loader may be the way to go. I'm going to bookmark the beko one for reference when the time comes smile

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