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Wanna see what I got today? Lock Rss

You know my reaction wink
I know its a different pic as the one I saw was darker

have u gota due date worked out yet?
The Quirky T wrote:
How's your baby doing?

He is fantastic...thanks for asking...he's my biggest piggy guzzle guts!!lmao!!
The Quirky T wrote:
Think January 12 but won't know for sure til I get a dating scan but that won't be for a month smile

Thanks him smile

Awesome!!!! Can't wait to hear and see updates from you through out your pregnancy!! Exciting much!!

PMSL @ "Thanks him" wink I am most definitely a HER!!! LMAO!!!
Congratulations. I've emailed you! smile wink wub

Huge congrats T!!! I bet the curious two will be super excited to a new play mate smile
Wow amazing news! Congrats T! smile


mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

How exciting, congrats T smile

Huge Congratulations hun. Such exciting news grin Hope you have a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy xx

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx


Very exciting! smile
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