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DD2 was an elective but for medical reasons, so I got a date at about 30 weeks for a 34 week delivery, so 4 odd weeks earlier. The date was always a 'hoped for' not guaranteed date, we needed NICU and SCN beds available depending on what she needed when born. It was touch and go up until getting cut open, as NICU beds were in very short supply across the state at the time.

As far as the date goes for a planned csection it seems if you go private you could probably choose what date you want as long as it fits in with the surgeons schedule (and as long as its within best practice guidelines ie not before 38 weeks for a straightforward case) then in my experience with the public system they book you in on a date they give you- I'd say you could request a date and they might let you choose if it works in ok.
For me having a c-section was never something i wanted to do. I was in labour for way to long & i had to have be rush in for a c-section.

Then with my second son has soon has i said i've had a c-section the doctor said no to me having vbac & i had another c-section.

Then when i had my daughter no question i had to have another one.

I would never do it by choice, the pain and recover for me got worse with each one but it was all worth it.

If i could of had my kids naturally i would.
We never pick the date or time with the c-section we let the doctor say when.

I've had three. Basically I went in for a routine check up at about 35-36 weeks and froggy had turned breech. Footling to be exact. I was in pain the Monday night so she must if turned then and the appointment was the Wednesday. They booked me in to attempt an ECV. That's when they give you a drug to relax your muscles and they try to turn the baby from the outside, it was a horrible experience for me ( but that isn't necessarily the case for everyone. Froggy just didn't want to move so it was a bit painful) so they booked me in for a section the following week.

Mini was a planned section, I read all the literature for VBACs and wasn't convinced it was for me. Then the week I was due for the section I went into labour, long story short she was an emergency section only 8 hours shy of her planned one.

I didn't have much of a choice for spuds birth. They told me at minis birth I wasn't to attempt a VBA2C. I wasn't going to argue. That was planned, no issues.
I had to have an 'elective' csection because DS was breech (footling too). Mine wasn't planned until I was 37 or so weeks to give him time to turn. Needless to say the little bugger didn't budge and I had him at 38+6.

To be honest I hated it. I had had DD naturally and was desperate to have the same experience with DS. But at the end of the day you do what's best for you and bubs smile
My scond birth was an medically advised 'elective' c section due to trauma caused by my first birth which was natural. My gp 'strongly advised' a c/section for any subsequent births at my 6 week check up after my 1st birth. I was relieved to be honest after what I'd just been through! Both my pregnancies were smooth sailing, it was the actual birth that was the problem wink I was given a date at about 36 weeks I think, then it changed as the surgeon was too busy on the original date, but I was told to come in immediately should I have any early labour signs or if my waters broke. My section was great and I would choose to birth that way again should I ever have anymore smile
Sorry to jump on your thread 4surprises! I just have a quick question for mums that have had C sections.

I am being monitored for Placental Previa and have been told that is the placenta doesn't move I will have to have a c section. Its my first baby and I was really hoping to have a natural birth. My dearest friend recently had her first child with an emergency c section, she had a really bad time recovering and this has worried me.

Any ladies had c sections at Wollongong Hospital? If so what were your experiences? I would be greatful of anyone's advice.
1st one no planning 26 hours of labour then finally a c section
2nd was planning a vbac but placenta previa stopped that and 3rd had to have another( thin uterine wall).2nd & 3rd had to fit in with the doctors schedule.with the 2nd I was meant to be in theatre around mid day but he had emergencies so did not get into theatre until around 7pm.With ds3, the doc was going to an o/s conference and wanted to deliver the baby before he left( 38 weeks+5)

Claire, my placenta did not move up at all and I was kind of glad as 26 hours of excruciating (sp) pain 1st time around was enough for me lol.My recovery each time was good but I did have a lot of help from hubby + family

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Claire, 'elective' and emergency c sections are often very different in terms of recovery. While I would say my recovery from vaginal birth was very significantly easier (I bounced back very, very well), I didn't have a horrific time with my elective. You can never guarantee it will be smooth sailing either way, but the horror stories for c sections I find are generally associated with emergency ones. I was taking myself up and down to SCN (different floors in large hospital) the next day and had painkillers for about 4 days total, the last two were only panadol and nurofen. I completely understand your preference for vaginal, my first was awesome, but don't be too scared of a c section if you need one. smile

Everyones recoveries are different full stop. Try not to stress about your friends recovery because you will probably find your pain thresholds are different and how you heal will be different. I have had one emergency and two electives and they were all pretty much the same recovery wise- absolutely fine. Painful, and slow going, but nothing horrific. It was the actual operations that varied for me.
My first one was an emergency c section so wasn't by choice it what had to be done smile and my second buba I was diagnosed with diabetes in my pregnancy and was told I could try natural birth but would be safer to have a c section, so I chose to have a c section smile

I am similar to tickled pink. At 36 weeks, everything was looking good for a natural birth. I then had a lot of movement from bub, and he turned himself around so that he was breech. My ob thought he might turn naturally, but at 39 weeks he was still breech. Went to the hospital for a blood test, and was given my surgery date for the next day. I didn't go into labour - its a policy at my local hospital that first time mothers with breech bubs will have a caeserian for precaution.
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