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How fast were you? Lock Rss

About 48 hours for my first and 24 hours for my second. I sent out a group text with a pic to close family and friends within a few hours though smile

Oh goodness. Im not sure. Not that fast though!!

I think we announced Mini's birth almost a week later on facebook. Our close friends and family didn't even get a photo sent to them until a good 6 hours after she was born because it was midnight when I had her laugh

We texted everyone (except our mums) a couple of days after Froggy was born. I didn't even have facebook until she was a couple of months old, from memory.

Spud...he was the most recent and yet I cant remember. You would remember better than me raspberry laugh
I haven't put any pictures of dd on fb. Announced it on there about a week or so after she was born but didnt put a pic. I email pics and videos all the time to family just don't have any on fb. Generally use it to see what others are up to! Am sure by the time she hits kindy they'll all have their iPhones out at playtime uploading pics themselves wink
hubby put photo's up within a few hours. He did take one on his phone and put it on FB straight away.

With my boy never posted a pic after he was born my daughter was through email then days later on here
No social media when eldest was born....but it was nearly six months before a photo was posted of our youngest.

57.9 mins?! I'm fairly certain I was still getting stitched up at that stage!

I don't think DS has made it onto social media as yet, although someone from my family has probably posted some.
we sent out an email with a photo when he was a week old smile
I just had to check back in my emails when we sent it - man he was so cute in that photo!!

DD1 and DD2 i wasn't on FB... With DD3 it was in the first hour after she was born... I remember putting a post up on FB with no picture while she was still on my chest.. After my other 2 were born it was very hectic after but with DD3 it was so relaxing so i thought why not. First pic was later that night.

About 10 hours I think, it's was about 7 pm anyway and I had dd at 9. I wanted to make sure my closest friends got my text first, then I also wanted to make sure my other friends heard it from me via facebook and not anyone else- that happenedc with my first- I text my close friends then one of them wrote congrats on FB for everyone to see! I was so mad!
Never! Not on social media at all

DD1 no photos got uploaded to facebook after birth until maybe 3yrs later lol. We didn't have internet or cameras on phones back then smile

DD2 it was 2 days later we put up some pics of her

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