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I want opinions and I want them hard.
Before I punch my Husband into next year.

We are arguing. I think it's rude giving us someone's house plans with their names and addresses on them. He doesn't think it is a big deal. I feel like, after we build our house, I don't want every other person that's building after us having our plans and knowing exactly how everything is set out at that exact address and our names. I feel like, if I were a burglar, I'd burgle these houses because I know there exact positions of rooms etc and could work my way around the house without being blind to its set out and this made extra easy because the address is right there on the plans. So i could pin Point exact houses. Some such shit like that anyway is where my mind is going. I feel like they could offer us the plans to help us decide on how we want our house set out etc without having the owners names and addresses on them.

What do you think?
It's ok if you think I am wrong. You can say this.
I'm just trying to get this in my head..

So you have someone else's plans with THEIR names on the plan. And your giving that to your builder?
No, the builder gave us someone else's plans, to show us didn't ideas for setups for rooms etc but I says to my Husband, look, these have the owners names and shit on them. That doesn't sound legit. That the builder should do that?? Shouldn't he wipe the names etc off the plans before giving them to us to have a look at?
Oh yes thats unprofessional!!!!!!!!!

I would hate that too!

Who are you building with?
Cavalier Homes. They quoted us 100,000 less for the same plan as the previous builder we were going to go with.
But I'm uneasy. Something not right, I feel it. Told my Husband, and he's like shut up. Ill rub it in his face so bad if things go wrong.
But, yeah, I digress. I don't want my name and address for other people to view.
I haven't heard of them, we built with fairmonts.

That is a huge saving. But I would be sceptical too...HOW can they do it so much cheaper? Are there any hidden extras? Travel allowance? Footings? Are they not including things the other company is? Wet area flooring?

DH agrees, he would hate our details given out to others too.
Nope that is EVERYTHING covered.
With the previous builder, when we told them we were going elsewhere they said they'd drop their quote which was a whopping 80,000 odd which sent us thinking if they can drop it that much they must have been about to rip us bad.
80,000?! Thats insane!

Maybe we got ripped off :/ DH just wanted to build with someone well known
Well known is usually best option.
We went with this second builder before going to others as we had a friend build through them and they didn't have any complaints.
I just got a feeling. He's cut off centre metres from our rooms etc. when the original plan we gave him had what we wanted and he quoted us for that size etc. so I don't like shit like that, even tiny changes that weren't run by us first.
I agree withbyour reasonimg so I would divulge that info
I got a set of floor plans right here.
PROPOSED NEW RESIDENCE FOR d***** and n***** b***** at LOT 6 s****** CRT B****
And if I break in through the garage, all I got to do is sneak up the hall way dodging 2 doorways to reach their master bedroom where I am assuming all the gold Is. OR if I come in through the window on the south side of the house that I now know is attached to the walk in robe I can bypass all chances of being see and raid the jewellery box and wave without notice.
Yeah I wouldn't be happy either if they made any changes, no matter how small without telling us. We had to sign off on every little change we made. And they had to abide by the contract...
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