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So a friend (Not very close one) is having a birthday dinner and has invited a heap of people out to dinner. The text said dinner was at own expense but not 'no gifts' as they usually do in lieu of dinner...SO do I take a gift?

Part of me thinks no as I'm paying for my dinner, but part of me thinks it is a birthday gathering I don't want to seem stingy!

Thoughts? What would others do?

Ok if it were me and considering its not a very close friend I would not buy a gift but still give a card or a small bunch of flowers or little box of chocolates to show gratitude for the invite and acknowledge their birthday smile

And because I could never turn up empty handed, lol!! smile

ETA- OMG, reread and I saw it wrong I thought it DID say in lieu of gifts. Ok! Well I would definitely still do flowers or chocolates but nothing over the top or expensive though.
I agree with Kel. I would just give a card with some chocolates or something. Sometimes I give scratchies or a lotto ticket

Kel!!! smile

Sorry, I think I worded it badly...I meant it DOESN'T say in lieu of gifts as I expected it would. It just says "Come to xxx birthday dinner at xxxxx. Dinner at own expense and some drinks provided"

I was thinking to come with a card and choccy's so I'm thinking of what you both said is right smile Thanks Miss Beautiful!

I too feel bad to come with its best to stay on the generous side smile

Thanks girls!
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