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Wow that is so rubbish! I would be angry too sad
I remember when I had an appointment at 13 weeks my midwife asked if I wanted to see if she could find the heartbeat, I asked if it was likely and she said sometimes they can, so I said no thanks as I didn't want the worry if she couldn't find one.
is there any way you could have a scan now to put your mind at rest?

That's not very nice of them sad Hope you get your ultrasound soon for peace of mind.

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

At 13 weeks my midwife took about 10 mins to try find heartbeat and couldnt. Tried again at end of visit so bout 30 mins later as I was freaking out and found one thank god, but she said heartbeats are super hard to find at that stage.

What, they should of being able to do it & how rude of them.

I had a big scare the day before i had little miss. I had a 4th year medical student doctor & the normal doctor said find the heart beat. So the student was doing it then turns around & says i can't find it (after 2 minutes of trying) and i started to freak out. Normal doctor found it 2 seconds after he took over. They took my blood pressure & said it high. I said you just freak me out that why.

Hope you get appointment very soon & you get to see your little one.

4 surprises. wrote:
Thanks blessings. The thing that made me even more upset was they said their hearts aren't developed at 13 weeks! That's a load of crap. They baby is fully developed now it just grows. For God sake the baby has fingernails so of course the baby would have a heart sad it's really upsetting. Stupid student lol. You would have wanted to slap him lol

Hubby went completely white. I gave the doctor some mad looks. I said to hubby of course she alright, her foot or arm being thumping me all day.

I had a scan at 9 weeks & heard the heart beat before they turned the scan thing on.

I'm totally on your side about this, hopefully you never have to see them again when you get your check ups

4 surprises. wrote:
Thanks blessings. They just need to take in to consideration pregnant mummy's. It doesn't matter how many kids you have or been there done that before it's still like all new again and just the thought of yes I heard the baby's heartbeat and the bubbas fine is all a mum wants to hear smile

Your 100% right.

For me the whole pregnancy was stressful after losing 2 before. We had a 9 week scan to make sure everything was right on track. Then 13 weeks i had the scan done & went & got the results we were told we were in the high & then doctor said they did the wrong test & he ordered more test & nearly 5 days later the doctor rang & said that everything was better this time around in the very low. So i spent the rest of the pregnancy on tender hooks.
Every moment i felt i was alittle better especially when she kick. Now when i look at her i think wow i was so nervous the whole time.

No matter how many pregnancy you have some women treat them like their first.

Let us know how you go.

Hi 4 surprises,

That seems really strange that they would put you in such an awkward situation - how silly of them.

I'm currently pregnant with with my third baby and I remember my midwives never attempted to hear the baby's heart beat at my first antenatal appointment, which was usually between 13 -15 weeks. The first time the baby's heart beat was measured was at 19 - 20 weeks.

At 5 weeks pregnant, the baby looks like a tadpole and has a primitive heart which has already started beating and circulating blood around its little body. It is sometimes possible to see the heartbeat on an ultrasound when you are 5 weeks pregnant. Vaginal ultrasounds pick up more detail than abdominal ones at this stage. Although the heart doesn’t look like it eventually will with its 4 chambers, the tube like channels which are present now are doing a perfect job.

In week 8 the valves in your baby’s heart are present and the passages which will help air flow from their throat to their lungs have formed. There are small definitions on their paddle like feet and hands where their toes and fingers will be.

At 10 weeks, all of your baby’s vital organs are where they should be. For the remainder of the pregnancy, they will continue to mature and develop in preparation for extra-uterine life.

Just some helpful points, which I'm sure you're familiar with. Sorry you had such a bad experience. Hope your next visit is much different.

With my last pregnancy my dr tried to find a heatbeat and couldnt. I was about 13ish weeks.
I rang my midwife cause I had been panicking for a week and they hooked me up to a monitor and found a heartbeat really quickly. Sometimes you just need the right person to check
I saw my current tiny persons heart at 5.5 weeks when I had my dating US.
Wow that really crazy they didn't find one.. It's not that hard to find .. My gf gave me her Doppler and I found bubs heart beat 2weeks ago now I'm 12weeks.. And I had my nt ultrasound and blood test today . And bubs measuring 13weeks.. I'm hoping bub is not going to be as big as my last baby she's now 9yrs old and she was 4kgs at birth..
Iv heard my wee ones hb since 10 weeks- every time i check. midwife picked it up at 8 weeks. im 14 weeks now, and as soon as the wand is put on my belly the hb is right there, maybe you could buy your own doppler? it takes a bit at first to find it but you take time and figure it out.

Im in nz so bought mine off trademe, you could use ebay or a similar site. i bought a sonoline b doppler, i researched it a bit after seeing it listed and saw its quite a reasonable brand to go with. i paid 90 NZD for mine second hand but works perfectly.

Dont stress. I went to my doctor for a check up at 25 weeks or so and he couldn't find her heart beat. He said it is because she was hiding in their laying towards my back. I looked into buying one of those dopplers, but figured if the doctor can have trouble finding a beat then id just be stressing myself out trying to find it.
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