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Who has TVs in their bedrooms? Lock Rss

Just curious!

We have 2 TVs, one in the living area and one in our other lounge room. We haven't considered putting one in our or the kids rooms.
I have a small tv in my room and just the other one in the lounge room. I don't really watch it very much but the kids and I will sometimes lay down and watch a movie together in bed.
We do. In our bedroom and in the kids bedrooms. Its the way we roll.
We got 2 tv's one in the tv room & the other one in hubby office/man cave.

Hubby likes to play video games so he got a tv so he can do that while i watch the main one at night. The kids control the tv during the day.

Hubby did offer to get a tv for our bedroom but i said no due not wanting one there incase one of us is sleeping.

I don't want the kids to have one in their rooms till they are older.

Sometimes I think it would be fun to have a TV in our room, other times I just dislike the tv and go there to sleep. I hate going to sleep in a warm bed anyhow.
Yep, we have one in the lounge, one in our bedroom and one in the games room. Kids won't ever be getting TVs in bedrooms, bad news IMO and hub on board with that too. Our bedroom tv has kind of become a "necessity" in that dh works away and I don't sleep as well when he's not home. I can have the tv on while getting sleepy and not have to get up to go to bed. I don't generally don't like the look of TVs in bedrooms,but ours is mounted up high near the ceiling, most people wouldn't even notice it was there.
We have one, it's inside the wardrobe, so unless the food is open, you wouldn't know it was there.

Nope we are a one TV house hold.
We have 2 in the house, none in the bedroom.

We have the one TV in the lounge and then the girls have a smaller flat screen in their room for DVD's only. It's wall mounted, too so they cant just put dvds on whenever they want. I mean, that would be so handy sometimes.... lol But I won't let the husband put one in our room. It wouldn't get used in there anyway.
We have a 42 inch in the bedroom hooked up to the computer so as soon as the kids are in bed we can watch our tv series or movies etc.
We have 4 tvs, one in the living room, one in the media room, one in the kids playroom and one in our bedroom. The kids are occasionally allowed to watch a DVD on the portable player in their bedroom but personally I like to keep their rooms a place for sleeping (they don't really have toys in their either)
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