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I've been away from huggies heaps lately because I've been back at work 4 and my days off have been sooo jam packed with things to do. So I was curious:

- do you work or study or are a SAHM?
- part time/full time?
- if you are a SAHM do you plan to work again?
- if you work what do you do for a living?

Whilst I used to care about my career I honestly don't give a toss anymore. I'm distracted by thoughts of my family while at work. But we need the money and my work are being really flexible with my hours and opportunities to work from home if needed.

I work three days a week, I have tues and wed with dd and the weekends as a family. The three days are long days for dd and the evenings can be a little stressful getting things done but I generally get home half an hour before DP and dd to get dinner warming or ready and get a load of laundry out or something.
I find dd constantly getting a cold from daycare to be hard and sometimes I think it would be better to stay at home with her, but she loves it there and I find being a full time SAHM to be unstimulating for both me and dd. Mostly because I'm just a bit lost as to what to do with her half the time, she's so clingy.

I'm the team leader of a customer services and admin team, but it's not a very accurate title as my return part time doesn't really allow for supervision of my team, plus I tend to focus more on project work and/or at the moment helping out where help is needed. In a couple of months I will head a part of project rolling out a new database which could take around 6-9 months of the same hours. then probably move into more of an information manager role doing our statistics, reporting, and hopefully have more managerial control over the team. I would need to be back more days for that but if that's a year or so away I might be willing to return full time with flexi hours.

I'm still very focused on my career, I find working to be very satisfying and it helps me to be a better mum as I feel I have my own place in the world. Financially, we can get by on one income but now that I earn, I find it difficult to imagine one income again.

I am unsure at this point whether I will have more children, purely because like you my dd is very clingy and I have struggled with my loss of freedom. I wonder if having two children will stretch my limits and I won't be a great mum, too strung out and frustrated, or have the energy to work. I really envy all the mums who just seem so at ease and so on to it with their children.

Good luck with your decision making.

No work for me at the moment with #2 almost here.
Ds1 was about 10 months when I went back to work just one lunch shift as a waitress per week (I used to work as a bar/restaurant manager) and he went to daycare. Couple of months later I increased that to 2 shifts. At the time I enjoyed that little bit of time away and had a couple of hours to myself after work while he was still at daycare too which was nice for either just me time or running errands without him. But it was hardly worth it financially by the time I paid for his daycare. Df is a chef so both of us working hospo hours is very difficult. Last year we managed to work at the same place with him doing breakfast shifts and me working later and that was great but then we found out I was pregnant and we made the choice to move back to Brisbane so he could get better work. We now know its going to be almost impossible for us both to work in hospitality with the two so I am doing a certificate 3 in business admin from home to help me get a Monday-Friday job that fits into daycare hours when I'm ready. I haven't done much of it yet but we plan to put ds1 into daycare 1 day a week soon so I can have a day to just have time for ds2 & to study or catch up on sleep. So it will cost is short term but will help long term. Ds2 will be at least 6 months before I even think about looking for work, maybe older.

I am a sahm but also work part-time testing software from home, and if dh happens to be home during th3 week I will sometimes go into work for the day, which I love! I really enjoy the odd day away, and it makes me appreciate ds so much more for having that little time apart smile
I usually do between 10 and 20 hours a week, if it is a busy week I find it a bit much as I have to work every time ds is asleep. Hopefully by the time the next baby comes dh will be on 4 on 4 off shift permanently so I will have a bit more time to work when he is home.
We can live on one wage quite easily, but I get paid really well for the hours I do so it seems silly to me not to do the work and get some more savings behind us.
long term, I guess maybe when we have 3 I will stop work for a few years, depending on dh hours.
I'm def not a career person, but do enjoy the money working brings smile

I'm a Domestic Goddess, it's hard work but it helps that I'm a natural
I wish wish wish I didn't have to work, but you have no idea how incredibly blessed I feel even being offered a full time job, I just think of all the poor people who struggle to get part time work and I am so thankfull.

My little miss is 7 months old, and is in care 5days a week for about 50 hours. It kills me. It takes an hour to get her to childcare and me to work, then an hour to pick her up and back home. Crazy right? Especially if I'm on late shift 9-5:30, we sometimes don't get home till 7pm! So I literally shovel food into her mouth, bottle, book, bed!

The only reason I work, is for money, we need it so bad. I unfortunately don't get any SAHM benefits from the government. But I knew at the start of my pregnancy, I would have to go back to work sooner rather than later. But funnily enough, after childcare, rent/bills etc, I'm left with about $250 a week tongue hardly seems worth it! But better than the nothing I was getting when I was pregnant!

Oh and I work in childcare! Of course I got a job at a centre where they take babies from 12 months so my little miss couldn't come with me. Plus even if I wanted her to come with me, she couldn't, there is no way I could afford it! Even with rebates hahaha.

Hopefully I will begin to enjoy working soon, I'm on week 4, and had to take yesterday off with a viral flu, woohoooooo the joys of childcare!
Im a SAHM- no immediate plans to go back to work, we have tried to work it out but between Dh's work hours, froggy's therapies and the fact her school is about half an hour away I don't really have time at the moment.

I'm looking forward to going back to work. I know I have a job waiting for me- but I think I might branch out into something else. No idea what. There are a few options, some would be easy to get into and others i'm curious about but not sure that they would actually work.
- do you work or study or are a SAHM?
I work. Can't really afford to stay at home unfortunately.

- part time/full time?
I'm part time. I work 0.6FTE BUT because of the fact that I do mainly night shifts and also public holidays etc the penal rates work out that I earn roughly full time (at the base rate). smile I also do 12.5 hour shifts so I only work 2 days a week which means that I get a couple of days with ds at home and if I get the night shifts like I try to then I'm home for dds after school activities etc.

- if you are a SAHM do you plan to work again?
N/A. Would love to be a SAHM but unfortunately financially it's not doable.

- if you work what do you do for a living?
I'm a paediatric nurse. Have a bit of a love hate relationship with work. And I hate the chopping and change of shifts. Would LOVE a set roster where I did the same (night) shifts each week!
do you work or study or are a SAHM?
I am a SAHM.

- part time/full time?
Full time.

if you are a SAHM do you plan to work again?
I don't see myself going back to work. My husband is studying to be a nurse ( Will finish in 6 months) His shifts change around too much for me to be able to get a job and have someone at home for the kids. That put together with Joshua and Noah's extra appointments throughout the week working would be a little too much. I enjoy being a SAHM and plan on doing volunteer work once my youngest starts school.
I am a full time SAHM, but i would love to work. I love being at home with my kids (I only have ds3 at home now and the older 2 are in school) but i feel really inadequate where the finances. Tge problem is that i live in a small town and the closest childcare is 85 km away so i cant do it. As soon as ds3 is in kinder i will go back. I want to get my realestate licence so i will have to study fir a few months first smile

Wow 4 surprises how on earth do you do it? I know mums who work full time but not with 4 kids and pregnant! Totally respect you forr working so hard for your family though.

I work 4 days but am 0.6fte and I think its hectic with one baby to come home to. Mine wakes up through the night too but she isn't as bad as she used to be.
The thing that sucks is I used to earn way more then my dh which isn't a problem but now we miss out on that money. I guess its a sacrifice I'm happy to make and my career has really taken a backseat. I just don't have the drive anymore. I work in marketing and just take on new product development projects now which allows me to be flexible as long as I hit the deadlines. They have also allowed me to continue to manage a couple of people even though I'm part time which really isn't working well.

It's really interesting that not many work full time and career seems to be hard to focus on when you become a mum. I guess that's still the reason for women getting paid less and in less management roles. That said I would love to be a SAHM over working anyday.

Prior to dd20 months being born I was adamant I'd be going back to work 2 days a week as figured I'd get bored at home.... Ongoing feeding / growth issues made this impossible and it's only in the last few months I've started back casually ( I'm a nurse )

So SAHM with 0-10 hours a fortnight, mainly do 6pm-11pm and am just starting to do the odd weekend shift, I don't particularly want to put DD in care to work as I'm paranoid about her getting sick (says I with laryngitis and can't talk!). The extra money of doing more work would be great but I like hanging out with dd, she's heaps of fun - and I keep reminding myself that she's only young for such a short time so feel privileged that I have the option of staying home so make the most of it and just enjoy it. And I can go to work when I need a break / time out!

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