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Open cut coal mine operator. At work on night shift now smile they don't know I'm pregnant yet sssshhhhh wink
Full time automotive spray painter. My work also doesn't know I'm expecting yet, should be interesting smile
I also have a beautiful 3 1/2 yr old girl

- do you work or study or are a SAHM?...I'm a sham but this semester I have been studying at uni .5 externally. It will only be .25 next semester though
- part time/full time?
- if you are a SAHM do you plan to work again?...yes I hope to, once the boys are at school I plan to do some relief teaching and then go from there
- if you work what do you do for a living?...teacher (kindy)

It's good that your work is flexible steph smile

Haha sear bear and squidge...very sneaky. Be careful with the chemicals though although Squidge I'd imagine you wear a mask etc. I don't know much about coal mining.
I don't really know what I want to do long term. My work is good for now but long term not sure what it would lead to.
I'm considering training to be able to teach at Tafe. I don't know if I qaulify in other ways though...still checking it out.

Yes Steph, I was concerned about it, I ended up not working with my first (originally my dr put pregnancy symptoms down to an allergy to the chemicals, silly boy didn't run a preg test lol). Iv spoken to my new doctor this time, he doesn't see a reason I cant work, as I have to wear a mask, however he has asked I restrict my exposure. So its all up to my boss and his oh&s rules, insurance policy, personal preference etc. Will be breaking the news to him this week, fingers crossed! If I can stay, damn I'm going to be sore and tired haha its a physical job, im sore and tired on the best of days!
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