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croup and being warm Rss

Joshua (5 years) has croup again. He gets it every winter and it last most of the winter. The ENT and I thought we had solved the problem last year by taking his tonsils out. If I keep him warm he seams to settle. So I have 1 blanket a doona, flanny sheets and a tracksuit on him to keep him warm. It's not enough. I don't have any more blankets because I gave them to the toddler when he went in his single bed this year. I have no money to buy more till Wednesday. How can I keep him warm. He refuses to wear anymore clothes. I am also using a vaporizer in his room.
He won't sleep with anyone else. Has been like that from the moment he was born. ( I used to think it was such a wonderful thing) I think I will see his ENT soon. I don't know if we can do another winter of croup. He is also deaf so if all his tubing gets blocked up (when he gets croup he also seams to get blocked ears) he hearing is profound. He is in school now and needs to learn. Last year he had it every 2 weeks. sad I feel so sorry for him.
I suffered croup quite severe as a child, I was hospitalised at the age of 2 and got it every year until about 9 or 10 years old.
I would say he's warm enough because thats a lot of blankets. You could warm the bed with a hot water bottle before he hops in or heat the room up with a heater.
Croup seemed to make breathing really difficult and when it got bad mum would rush me to the bathroom and turn on all of the hot water taps to steam up the room as quick as possible.
I don't think there is much else you can do. Can you sleep in his room just to keep an eye on him? Or even use a baby monitor in case the breathing and coughing gets really bad overnight?

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