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Sorry to leave you all hanging!
My little wee man was born Thursday night at 6:45pm.
After my first gel & 6 hour wait they monitored me and said they wouldn't do another lot of gel at that point because I was having too many contractions. They were getting stronger & more regular but not enough to consider me in established labour. They did a big stretch and sweep though. Sooo painful. They have me painkillers & sleeping tablets & sent me back to the ward to get a bit of sleep saying they would see me in 5-6 hours or probably earlier. But no, one of the painkillers actually made everything slow down again. So I got another lot of gel & another big stretch & sweep. They tried breaking my waters but my cervix was too long. Tightenings started again while I was being monitored. I ate some breakfast and vomited it all back up straight away. They said that was a good sign and sent me back with ice to crunch on & said eat a little when I can. Contractions kept getting stronger but were bearable still so I waited out the 6 hours. This time they managed to break my waters. They got me ready for the drip but didn't start it yet. Contractions got stronger but I wasn't dilating a lot more. The pain was getting intense. I got an epidural and then they started the drip. They said they would start it low, wait a couple hours and see if they needed to turn it up to speed things up. For that couple hours I had no pain due to the epidural and just relaxed and think I even dozed off a couple of times.
When they checked on how things were going it turned out it was time to have baby! They had to turn him but other than that it was just a few pushes and he was out! I got skin to skin straight away which was so lovely after missing out with ds1.
So it was 6:45pm Thursday when he was born.
He weighed 3.85kg, 57.5cm long and head circ is 34.5.
He still doesn't have a name but he is so perfect & beautiful.
We are home now. Unfortunately having some feeding problems. Milk hasn't come in yet so he is wanting to feed a lot and I guess we haven't got the hang of attaching well and my nipples are already cracked and really sore. Df has got me some nipple shields to try to give them a chance to heal but I have to cope with the pain until he gets home at about 11:30pm. Small price to pay though I think after having such a stress free birth and ending up with this perfect little person that I'm so in love with.

Congratulations, he is beautiful! Hopefully you'll have a name soon smile

He's beautiful. Congratulations!

aw so cute!! congratulations

Oh wow STT!! Congratulations he is lovely! Thanks for the birth story, sounds like everything went great! smile

Congrats STT, he's is adorable smile

Congrats STT grin

What a gorgeous boy he is.
Good luck with the feeding...hopefully once your milk is in all will be ok.
Congrat's on your new arrival.

He is very cute smile

Congratulations!!! He looks adorable. Enjoy these early days, because who knows where they go.

You have a beautiful baby boy. Don't worry too much about a name, the right one will come.
Awww congrats stt smile he's so gorgeous. Good luck with it all

Congratulations! He looks so beautiful! smile
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