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He has a name! Introducing... Rss

... Harrison Mathew R

My little Prince Harry

Love the name STT! smile how is harrison settling and what does his big brother make of him?

gorgeous!! awesome name too

Love the name wub Welcome again & congrats again! smile
Nawww, great name! Love the photo.

Great name. Congrats again. I hope that the feeding is better.

yay, welcome Harrison. Congrats again. Cute photo too smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Oh congratulations STT, so glad I picked tonight to pop back & say hello xx
Congratulations! Awesome news to pop back in and find smile

Congrats STT.

I was just reading your other thread and wow, he's long! Was your DS1 long too?

Little Egg wrote:
Love the name STT! smile how is harrison settling and what does his big brother make of him?

He is doing great. He is a little sook (in the cutest way) and just loves to be held all the time. I learnt to tie my boba wrap and put him in it today and he was so content. We are still getting used to feeding. I have started using shields which is so much better for me & my nipples are starting to heal nicely but its harder work for him to suck on. He is getting used to it but sometimes gives up after a short time then not long later is crying for more but I'm sure as my supply increases it will be easier for him too if I decide to use them permanently.

EJ is not too keen on his new baby brother. He was completely ignoring him and refusing to go near me if I was holding him but today we all sat on the couch and read a book, I just had to hold Harrison on the opposite side to EJ but he was snuggled in nice and close too. That was a lovely moment. Later he also showed some interest and just wanted to be lifted up to have a good look at him sleeping. I think he will enjoy it more when he's not just this little thing that mum holds and makes lots of noise. He will be a great big brother eventually.

Congratulations !!
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