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Hello strangers Rss

Hello everyone!! My goodness it has been forever well at least feels like it. I am so sorry I have taken so long to come back & say hello. Hope everyone is well & I need to catch up. Just saw STT has had a baby boy, what else is going on? Anyone else ready to pop or has popped? Or expecting? I know a lot are on the other forum, I just can't seem to work it all out & haven't had the time to go through it xx
Welcome back around here smile
Welcome back again. I've just come back on a couple of weeks ago after several months off. I was surprised how quiet it was - didn't realise at the time half had left to another forum. We're ttc & today I'm really concentrating on my DS's toilet training - in undies only one accident so far, but had better go take him again. Hoping by the end of this week we might be on the way to getting there.....
Welcome back. Great to see you around.

OMG Mel!!!!!! No word of a lie you have been on my mind for the last 2-3 days! I feel as though I've conjured you, lol! So glad you popped in I have missed you smile how are E and N? And how is the earring biz going? Is this a temporary pop in or are you coming back to play? smile
Welcome back! smile

Nothing new in my part of the world.

Glad to see you around smile
Mel! So happy to see you grin I noticed you haven't been around but thought you had gone to the other forum full time sad

Things here are great- kids are keeping me entertained lol hope things are well with your family xx

Hi Mel! It's been ages since you've popped in. I'm glad to hear from you smile I'm on the home stretch with under 8wks to go but struggling sad

Great to see you back.
How long did you stay away.

We're now in vic & loving it.
Little miss is 3 months old now.
I just got my first rabbit & we getting another 2. Hubby said 2 was my limit but i won & said we got 3 kids, so we have to have 3 rabbits.

How everything with you.

My goodness you are away for a bit & miss so much!! Everything is great with us, Em is doing well at school & has made some nice friends through basketball so her old friends don't worry her at all anymore. She knows she is better off without them. Noah will be 2 on the weekend so feeling sad he is growing up too quickly. I am still hoping to have another one but leaving it to fate whether that happens or not. It is impossible at the moment when nothing is happening at home but DH has been stressed with work & finishing jobs that I am not pressuring, just want it to happen in it's own time. My sister is back for a visit, has been here a week & I still haven't seen her or my niece but I am also at peace with the situation. My earrings have been going very well, have done quite a few markets & then with facebook the word spreads. It is giving me a bit of independence so I am not bugging DH for money smile Misskel I have been thinking about you the last few days, it was you that popped into my head & made me post. How are your babies doing?? Miss S will be 2 soon too. I will hopefully be on more, not everyday but definitely more. Love to you all xx
Hello again,I have not been on here much either but nothing out of ordinary has happened here lol just busy with life in general but nothing exciting!
I am learning to be a mum of adolescent boys with their grunts and non communicative ways!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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