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17 weeks pregnant and in a lot of pain Lock Rss

Oh 4 surprises. I hope everything's ok. Have you talked to the hospital yet?

Yeah, it sounded scary too. Might pay to touch base with your midwife anyway.

Hope you feel better soon and having dinner helps things.

Take it easy!

In my second pregnancy at 32 weeks I had pains (irregular timings) all evening and night and ended up driving to hospital at 5am as I thought I was in pre-term labour - turns out it was all ok (had scans, etc. etc.) but I had what is called 'irritable uterus'. Essentially, the uterus contracts sometimes when bladder is full, baby moves a lot, etc. etc. and it feels like contractions, but they are not regular. They just come sometimes. I don't know if this is your case, but it might be worth calling just to make sure smile My baby came at 39 weeks on the dot, so definitely no pre-term! Good luck smile
I think you should ring them anyway.

It's best to see what going on & so you can relax knowing bub ok

Oh no. Thinking of you and waiting for an update. Could be something non-pregnancy related too. I hope you've been checked out by know and are alright xx

Please update us when you can

Hope your feeling better & that the pain has stopped for you. Take care smile
How are you today? Hope everything good

4 surprises. wrote:
Thanks smile a little crampy today. Still no appetite. I'm going to ring hospital and see what they say. Kids all at school today so I have the day to focus on baby. I'll ring them and go in just to make sure. I'll keep you up dated. Thank you.

Good idea to focus on baby and yourself, definitely won't hurt to get a check over! Take care smile
heya, glad your feeling better today. I had mega cramps like that a couple of weeks ago, lasted for a few days. Midwife reckons Im overdoing things as also have very low blood pressure and iron levels. She gave me a medical cert to cut down to part-time work (I work in a childcare centre) and even asked me if I wanted to stop work completely.

so maybe its your body telling you to rest up a bit???

How are feeling now?

Being wondering how you are all day.

my_little_blessings wrote:
How are feeling now?

Being wondering how you are all day.


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