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Hi all my 5 day old hasn't done a poo for the last two days,( so since day 3) she is breastfed. Should I be concerned?
She is feeding well and sleeping fine, doesn't seem to be in any pain though she does have a lot of wind.
Any thoughts welcome!
Is you baby on medication for reflux? That can bung them up.
Has your baby done any poos before?

If not on medication and has done poos before then it can be normal for a breast fed baby to not go for four or five days. It can also be normal for them to go a number of times in one day. If your baby is happy and well I would not worry too much for another day or so. If you are worried mention it to your midwife. I found that in the past with my breast fed babies they could go a number of days with out passing any poos.
She did a few poos the first few days,
I did know they can go a fair while without doing any while breast fed I just wasn't sure because she is so little still.

Not on any medication.

Thanks for your reply! smile
None of my babies went that long doing a number 2.

One thing you can try is getting bub legs and gently get them to move like your riding a bike. I did that with my oldest when the doctor reckon he had colic to help him go and i did it once & it work.

If you worried i would go & see a doctor.

I can't remember what DD was like at 5 days, but I know from about 2weeks she would poop once a week. She had no problems, that's just what she did. BF babies can poop anywhere from after every feed to once a week. If she isn't bothered I wouldn't worry. You should be getting a MW or CHN visit soon though, so ask her then smile

Aside from the first poo (at hospital), my breast fed babe pooed once every 10 days until 3 months old when I switched her to formula, one of the mums in my antenatal groups bub is once every 14 days, dont stress. BF fed babes absorb more nutrients from feed to they dont have to go as often

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