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Hey girls I'm on the rod and the pill to regulate my periods but I just wondering who is on the rod just a question do you get pregnancy symptoms (as in nausea feeling tired blobs getting bigger going off certain things you know the normal things)or is it just me, going to the doctor next week I don't want to think to much of it as my brother's gf was ment to be pregnant but just found out that she's not and that she was having a phantom pregnancy and that's what I keep putting it down as, and my cousin was saying she was looking online and there ment to supposably have to take the rod out to see if you are actually pregnant cos of the hormones in the rod :/ I don't believe that but still is there anyone else that feels this way? I'm confused and feel like the doctor will say its in my head like last time I just need to talk to someone that's going through this to I have hardly any family an no friends to talk to I just thought you couldnt get pregnant on the rod and that's why I got it as nothing else works and we don't want another baby atm as we have a 6 month old..
What do u mean rod
Hi I have the rod and yeah I get all those symptoms... Still go to the doctor just incase smile
The rod goes in your arm its a contraceptive so you dont get pregnant

thanks skinnyminny at least I know im not on my own smile yeah im still gonna get checked no matter what cos its confusing and scary lol
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