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Hey guys. Just wondering what baby carriers you use and why? I am due in December and as we run a farm, will need to baby wear quite a lot. I have no idea where to start looking and I have never needed one before. I need one that is suitable from birth but one I can comfortably wear all day. I don't want to have to keep buying new ones as bubs gets bigger.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Use a sling made by baby moe. Love it, have used it with all 3 of my kids. I'm able to do the shopping with my little girl in there without any problems. I have tried carrier at the front but my 2 sons never like it plus i always seemed to have trouble getting them in or out & i always felt like i had to have 1 hand on them incase i didn't do it up good.

I love my ergo. I still put miss almost 2 in it everyday.

I've used it with both kids, do pretty much everyday for four years! And it's still going strong.

I had an ergo with infant insert for my first. I didn't like it when he was little and needed the insert but loved it when he got a bit bigger.
Now I have a Boba wrap for ds2 and I'm loving it. So comfortable and snug to wear. When he gets bigger I will switch back to the ergo.

I have the Ergo Carrier. If you need a carrier for a long period of time like working on a farm I think you'll findthe ergo or manduca (heard good things too) are probably the most supportive for your back. I used the infant insert when dd was a newborn and she loved to sleep in it. It allowed me to do some housework.

I use Baby Bjorn Carrier One.
I also have a Tula one , but I normally use Baby Bjorn one.
Tula (and I think many carriers including Ergo) have the back strap, and I find it is difficult to fasten it...whereas Baby Bjorn One has everything in the front. Also, my girl likes Baby Bjorn better somehow. Once my girl is big enough for back carrying, Tula would be just fine.

I think if you have flexible body, that wouldn't be a problem.
I'm a bit of slack lol.
I used an ergo. I found it great. I have a bad back and I didn't have any issues when I had my kids in for for a while. I would recommend the ergo.

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