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If you find the answer please share! EJ completely ignores me when I try to tell him off and now he has started fake crying every time I say no to him. I think its a bit of jealousy. I've caught him actually mimicking Harrison's cry a couple of times and I think he sees me pick Harrison up and cuddle him whenever he cries and thinks he will get attention and whatever he wants for crying. I hope it doesn't last. I'm trying not to react to that behaviour but give him big cuddles and play with him after he calms down. It's hard on everyone if Harrison needs me at the same time but we will all get used to it.
But of course if EJ goes out with my parents or dfs parents he's an angel. He's even better behaved for Df or at least stops when Df tells him off. I don't know how I'm going to cope with his now quite regular shopping tantrums by myself with the two of them!

Haha. DDs going through the 'you'll change my nappy/clothes over my dead body' phase. I busted her at daycare submitting meekly to a bum change. Honestly, you'd think i was doing her physical harm when I do it!

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