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Experience with kids using ventolin???? Lock Rss

I'm looking at taking my daughter to the docs soon as she seems to be getting more wheezing and coughing than she used to.

I'm concerned though if he diagnoses asthma and wants her on ventolin. Have you used it? Anyone know of the side effects of long term use? I'd be interested in any good or bad experiences with using it. Thanks.
I can sort of remember I was on ventolin when I was younger - but really can't remember much about it. I think I did have mild asthma - but must have grown out of it (is that possible?) as I don't need anything now, although if I do get to energetic, big runs etc then I can get a bit wheezy. I think the dr put me onto a liquid medicine (not sure what it was but think it was to do with the mild asthma I had) and then the ventolin was a back up. One thing I do remember is the medicine stuff made me hypo - I was given it at night time & I can remember skipping up and down the hallway at bedtime driving mum nuts! smile

Good luck with it all though. Sorry no real help, I know.
I have used ventolin for 27 years, and as far as I am aware there are no long term effects of moderate use. If I've ever had a very severe attack and needed to use a lot of ventolin (more than 6-8 puffs) it can give me the shakes, but that's only a temporary side effect.

My oldest is asthmatic and when we had his first attack just before he was 3, they called it pre wheeze as a child lungs are not fully developed until about 5 years of age. They didn't call it asthma until after his third attack under 5. (same treatment)

The liquid treatment that is usually given with an attack is a steroid and it makes kids hyperactive but the ventoline only really helps the breathing. It is given with a spacer so they get more air then spray.

My 9 month old just had broncitus and was very wheezy, (sounded like a rattle in his lungs) we were on antibiotics and steroids but not ventoline. The rattle went away but the wheeze is taking its time as its a build up of phelm
My DD2 has asthma, she was hospitalised when she was 3.5 yrs old with pneumonia, and they started using Ventalin to help with her treatment. After 3 days we were able to go home but had to continue using Ventalin. Not long after that she got a cold and her coughing got really bad so we were prescribed Redi-pred. We have had to use Redi- pred with her a further 3 times and dd3 twice. It has got worse over time she is now having 2 puffs of Seretide (preventative steroid) a day and 6 puffs of Ventalin at night. Every night she coughs uncontrollably , to point of vomiting if no Ventalin. DD3 has been prescribed Flixitide Junior (preventive steroid) but only need to use that when she has a cold. Df has been asthmatic his whole life and even has own Nebuliser so he can do his own treatment at home. The only side effect we have found is with dd3. When she has Ventalin she gets all hyped up, which is just what we need when already has too much energy lol. smile

My daughter is on a tablet for her asthma (singulair) and it is fantastic ! Was on the sera tide and ventolin but trying to give a 5tr old that was hard work
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