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Hi 2 Sweetpeas

Welcome back. Congrats on the pregnancy. I hope all is going well.

How is your DD going?

I have been around for years.

Hope that you enjoy Huggies again.

I'm an 'oldie' although I'm not that prolific with posts smile I've been on here for 6.5 years now and had this name the whole time.

I am still here
Most oldies have left Huggies for somewhere else.
I still frequent Huggies.
I'm here! Don't know if you remember me but I've been floating around for the last 4 years...

Welcome back though!!! smile Good to see you!
Congratulations on your Pregnancy and Welcome back to Huggies smile

Not sure if you remember me, I've been around for about 3 and a half years and I now have 5 babes smile

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Hi smile I'm a bit of an oldie lol have been around for 4.5yrs.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, hope to see you around smile

Welcome back I was around that time but wasnt very chatty at the time
I think I came about just before cruxy left and then came back and changed her name, so not sure if we were on at the same time?

Welcome and hello anyway smile
I remember you.

How are you?

If you want to put me out of my misery anytime soon, private message me your old name tongue
Skippy And The Greek wrote:
If you want to put me out of my misery anytime soon, private message me your old name tongue

+1! smile
2_sweetpeas_ wrote:
Hi there ladies

I use to frequent here a few years ago when my dd was still a baby, it seems so quiet now and I only recognize one or two names. I'm pregnant again so thought I'd reconnect with Huggies land

Just wondering if any of the old regulars still frequent? Skippy and the Greek? Isaiah's mum? Cruxy? OC? Nai&beau? chalys? noddy? 2littlebs? Keeki? Little miss? Lovemylittlebugs? They're the only ones I can remember right now lol, I'm sure there's a whole lot more from that era- anyone know?

Thanks smile

I wasn't mentioned, but you have me intrigued...I want to know who you are tongue
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