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introduce ourselves to everyone :) Lock Rss

Raspberry Sundae wrote:
*mummsy* wrote:
Oh, and DH...he's alright grin He's the love of my life and best friend, I love him and he loves me.

I can vouch for the cute factor on this one tongue

Heehee!! Now you've given me the giggles all over again!!! smile

I'm me+hub+3. I'm a mum to three. DD is 8 in year three at school and I have twin boys who are 5 in Kindy. I have been a stay at home Mum for 7 years but recently went back to work and did some casual work. I have enjoyed being back at work.

Great thread.

I'm Leisa, SAHM to my 3 wonderful kids although pre-kids I was a teacher. DD1 is 6, DS is 4 and DD2 is 15 months. I've been married to DH, who is an amazing dad, for coming up on 11 years. I've been on Huggies since about the time I had DD1, maybe even while pregnant with her so a good 6.5 to 7 years.

Hey, I'm MiriB, mimsy or shine on as I'm now known. I'm 31, have a 15 month old little girl with my partner of 5 years (on Thursday). I work part time. I've been on the huggies forum pretty much since dd was brand spanking new but it took a few months to get posting.

DDs a handful. She's a real rough and tumble kid but also very clingy when it comes to me, which is flattering but frankly, exhausting. She does the best cheesy grin and the best grumpy face. She give a good hug with a totally condescending pat on the back. She loves bath time, roly pollies, kisses from the dog and cat biscuits (honestly, cat biscuits is baby crack to that kid).

I'm currently waging war on myself over whether or not to follow dd up with a sibling.

I'm misskel smile I have been on huggies for about 2 1/2 yrs now. I have a 5 yr old ds and a 1 yr old dd who is only 1 for a short while longer sad I work part time and love the balance I have between work and home. I've been with my dp for over 10 yrs and we are pretty sure we're done on the baby front. I think. Pretty sure anyway...

Shine*on I had NO idea you were Miri!!! I thought she was long gone, I remember when she said goodbye. So hi!! Good to see you laugh

Hi T!!!!

Paperclip would I know you???
Yes, paperclip I've been trying to figure you out too!!!! smile

Hi T smile

And 2 sweetpeas I'm trying to remember you....

I should say I'm on my second account due to a glitch. Oh and I'm a SAHM, Well I am doing a 4 hours of tutoring from home now though. It works well for us smile But not back at my actual job.
I am mum to 3 yr old DD and a bub on the way. Due in a month or so.
I have been on huggies for over 3 years but as you can see by my post count, I lurk more than post. Though I have been finding that since huggies became a bit quieter with the mass exodus, I find it easier to actually post (as it can be a few days between visits, posts were disappearing too quickly from the active page back then !).
Hi all, I'm Annie smile

I am a very proud mum of 4. Dd1 is almost 7, dd2 is almost 3 and dd3 is almost 17 weeks. And we have a special guardian angel, our son who was stillborn in October 2012. And then there's Dh.. Been together nearly 14yrs and married 8yrs in sept!
My older girls are quite different, dd1 is a girly girl while dd2 is quite a rough and tumble tomboy, will be interested to see how dd3 grows smile
I've been on huggies since I was pregnant with dd1, but had a few years break and came back when pregnant with dd2. I am more a lurker but have found it more comfortable to post since it's gotten quieter!
When I'm not on maternity leave I do nightfill at my local supermarket!
Hi everyone im doublewammy

I'm a sham to 2 boys, almost 4 1/2 and almost 2 1/2. I am studying ATM, doing a post grad degree in early childhood. I've been on huggies, 4ish years but lurked for ages before I started to post

Hi all smile

Mum of 3 here.
DS is 9
DD is 7
DD2 will be 4 soon.

My babies are no longer babies....

I'm back to work this year, I teach Kindy which I love smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

I have 2 summer babies
Dd1 is 5
Dd2 is 3
Been a member for nearly 5 years i just dont post often
I work part time smile
I'm called mylittleblessings due to our belief that kids are a blessing from God.

I have a 5 and a half old son who i call little master on here
I have a 3 year old son who i can little man on here.
And finally my little girl who 3 and a half months old & i call her little miss on here.
We live in vic & loving it.
Being a member since i was pregnant with little master.
Trying to talk little man into using a toilet but he not having it.

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