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If You Had To..... Lock Rss

.....Marry your partner where you met him/her, where would it be?

I'd have to marry him over the Internet. How romantic :/ LOL
Oh! You know I did not understand your question. Made a cup of tea, thought "What the heck did skippy mean?" Came back and read it again..Now I get it!!!!!! Ha!

Church smile And.....we actually did get married at the church we met smile
At work.

Actually, that wouldn't be as bad as it sounds. We had a colourful bunch of workmates.
In a supermarket lol...we worked together many moons ago!
I would have to marry hubby in a little restaurant that we went too.

And it's our wedding anniversary today. I got a beautiful bunch of flowers.

At work smile
Our wedding would be in the forest, lol! And both dogs, mine and his as well, would have to participate grin
At work. Not so bad when you're hospo peeps.
If you want the specific place, The Elephant Hotel in the valley in Brisbane. Could make cool photos if we did it in front of the big graffiti mural they have now

At a heavy metal club. a mutual friend took me when I was new to this city and that's how I met DP. hmm. We could mosh down the bar. Guests would hold their lighters up instead of throwing rose petals.

In a university dorm hallway...least their would be a huge turn out for the open bar.
At a kiwi / Aussie pub in London. Would be a great place to get married but its been shut down as created to much chaos in the community tongue
At the local town band practice hall, as we met when he joined the band I played in. I was 16, he was 18 and we're now in our 30s.
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