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Bad hair day every day! Feeling scruffy...... Rss

How does everyone manage getting to the hairdresser or beauty salon appointments with a baby/children? Weekends i like to have some family time with my husband and 1 year old or catch up with friends, week days just seem hard with a baby. I hardly get my hair cut or eyebrows shaped now......
Once or twice a year wink

If you can find a hair dresser that works from home and has their own kids- that might help. Then you can take your little one and they generally wont mind.

I pretty much just leave dh with the kids to wander around the shops while I get my hair cut. It doesn't take too long and if he becomes too overwhelmed (we have three) he heads to a parent room. The ones we frequent have a playpen and a TV with kids shows on, so he's pretty set in there. It only takes half an hour to an hour out of the day, book it early and then you have the rest of the weekend to do what you want. Or go to Just Cuts (or the NZ equivalent) - you don't even have to book then.
I have taken dd with me before and told the hairdresser to be quick and forget the blowdry at the end becausr I don't have time and my daughter will grt bored and grumpy if we're here too long. I can get my hair coloured and cut in 1.5 hours usually. She napped in the pram once for about 45min so it wasn't too bad.
Otherwise I leave dd with my mum

Depending on where you are, a lot of hairdressers have their admin day on a Monday, so while they aren't open properly you might be able to get in a cut while no one else is in the salon and they may be okay with you bringing in your little one. Have managed this a couple of time (albeit before becoming a mum), you never know unless you ask!

This way you do tend to get a senior apprentice or junior stylist which also helps with price.

Also in some places salons stay open til 8 or 9 on a Thursday or Friday.

Hope you manage to get out for some pampering soon, just a wee spruce up can make a world of difference smile

Thanks for sharing ladies!

I think making an early appointment or home-based salon could work, if there's someone to either mind bubs or play with him. Unfortunately my husband doesn't get home until quite late due to travelling distance and traffic, so can't do the late night option.

Mrs Conch - I totally agree, a little bit of pampering helps lift my spirits a quite a bit. I feel more refreshed and confident. I have come across friends and relatives, once they have children they seem too forget about looking after themselves. I realise priorities change and we have a big commitment to our baby and family but just feel we shouldn't lose our own identity either. Is it just me being vain to think how we look affects how we feel inside too?
A smidge of healthy vanity is not wrong, as long as you get carried away smile

When you're feeling a bit blue there is nothing like taking a wee bit of time out for yourself and have someone to fuss over you. And when you're a new mum of course bubs is number one and it is all too easy to forget to look after yourself too. But a happy mum makes for a happy home for bubs too so don't feel bad for wanting a spruce up or whatever is going to lift your spirits.

What about a mobile hairdresser- one that comes to you? There a plenty of these around where I live and it's usually mums who are working during school hours so they would understand if you have to tend to bub whilst they are there smile
Misskel - that's a good idea too, but just had a look online, there aren't any around where I live. sad

It would be cool if I could just go to a salon and they have professional staff to look after bubs...
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