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Do You.... Rss

.......Ever think to yourself, i need to really address my lifestyle choices?
I am up to my third Snickers bar and i think, nah, I'm making the right choices for my future.
It's donuts for me- but no- I think i'm with you that I think i'm making fairly informed decisions in my life. I'll wear them with pride wink .....Or regret them with the right intensity and acceptance.
Donuts, yes, i see where you have gone right in your decisions.
And if they are the warm cinnamon ones, well, i salute you ma'am.
And I, you.

I refuse to accept that there isn't ANY health benefits in donuts.

I mean, snickers- yes- there are peanuts. They're good for you. Chocolate comes from the cacao bean. That's a plant.

See, I can justify anything.

Except maybe that Irish lady that died while having sex with a dog. Now, that is a lifestyle choice I cannot justify. Nope.
Tickled*pink wrote:

Except maybe that Irish lady that died while having sex with a dog. Now, that is a lifestyle choice I cannot justify. Nope.

I'm out.
I am just done.
This has broke me.
I've wee'd a little. I've cried a little. I farted a little. All from the pressure of mirth.
That was unexpected hilarity.
..........And yet, i am sorry for the ladys family for the loss of their wife/mother/daughter etc.
And to the dogs family, to have lost a daughter in law.

Hi not sure if this is a serious question or not haha but I will answer anyway wink

I constantly feel the need to address my lifestyle choices. Since changing what I eat and doing yoga 4 times a week I feel amazing in side and out. Best thing I ever did!! Not just with food though, I often reflect on everything in my life & lifestyle and by doing so am constantly learning more about myself and improving too.

Oh & I love snickers. Even more so because I can't eat them at home as my son is allergic to peanuts. Makes them even more tempting.
This is both a serious question and yet it does not have to be. It can be whatever you want wink

On the serious side of things, i wobbled. Yes, my name is Skippy And The Greek, and i wobbled when i moved. That third snickers bar may not have been necessary in my diet but the first and second one definitely was. I think it's the third one, the sheer greed that's making me feel slower than usual. Making me feel......tired and old and dying.
I feel like i am wasting my life on a snickers bar. Wouldn't be so bad if it was a Bueno bar. Those things really are to die for.
Need to change my lifestyle, exercise more. Eat better. Eliminate more stresses. All this takes effort though, and well, that fourth Snickers Bar is so effortless. Sigh.
Yes, bikini ready.....My Wookie would probably scare people away
It's coming up for me :/
Raspberry Sundae wrote:
Skippy And The Greek wrote:

Nothing there Skip? gasp

I can see it laugh
Oh goodness...I have no words....I am actually just laughing so hard here....
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