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Sleeping Lock Rss

Kia ora, I'm in week 15, sleeping is a little awkward, although I am still waiting for my bump to show, but getting comfy is a mission. I've read somewhere that sleeping on your back is bad for baby. Does this apply now even without a bump?
The recommended sleeping position while you're pregnant is on your side (and apparently one side is better than the other?) I think the reason back sleeping isn't ideal is because if the pressure your growing baby puts on your intestines, it can cause digestive issues and decrease circulation as well as a few more things like back ache too. I would say at 15 weeks even if you're not yet showing its probably a good idea to get in the habit of side sleeping. I use to sleep with a pillow between my legs to help me get comfy smile
I slept on my side with all 3 pregnancy's. It the best way to sleep.

I asked my doc about this at about 20 weeks, and she kinda laughed and said that it's perfectly fine to sleep on your back at that stage smile So if that's what is comfy, go for it! Of course she also said that once bub got bigger (~30 weeks?) it is better to sleep on your side - but at that stage it wouldn't even be comfy on your back anymore smile Hope you can sleep well!
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