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How much do your kids know about how babies are made and how old are they?

DD1 who is 5.5 was asking lots of questions about babies. Her main question was "what if you don't want babies? will they still grow in your tummy?" and "will the babies know you don't want them."
I tried to say to her that you can choose if you want babies and no the babies are not alive to hear you don't want any.
But she was still asking how to stop babies growing.

So DH talked to her about sex. He told her that a there is a special cuddle where a daddy puts his penis in a mummies vagina and that's called sex. That a mummy has a egg and daddy has sperm, like a seed, and these join together in the mummies womb.

She was pretty quiet about it for a minute and then said "so if you don't want a baby you don't to that."

Was DH right or wrong?
I have been upfront about this with my daughter from about the same age aswell said exactly the same thing as your dh.y daughter wanted to know how they come out so I told her there is a special your vagina for a baby to come out from with some pushing. She also has seen me take a pill a few times and I explained this was a special pill u take untill your ready to have a baby. She is now 9 and this had been over a few years. I am a firm believer in telling the truth. Children will absorb what they can get from it and come back later for more. I see no harm in educating children the right terms and happening. I do refer to the sex as a special cuddle but now at nine and being exposed to alot more of the world and older children she sees it as the way you make babies and nothing else so no harm there. I think u did the right think and congrats on not making up something totally fake and un reasonable.

for now i tell my son theres a special pill you take that has a seed in it, and the baby starts growing when i take it, and because i had him by c-section, i tell him babies get cut out when they are ready, hes the sorta kid that would find it hilarious and tell every kid he knows that babies come from the vagina like it was the biggest joke out

My 4 and a half year old hasn't asked us how they are made but having just had my 3rd and her present at the birth I had to explain before hand where they come from. Put in her own words, "it comes out of a door between your legs" now that she has seen her brother born she quite happily tells people he came out of my fanny and we all just have a good laugh over it.
Dd at 16 months is nowhere near this talk. But when that time comes, I plan to be as honest and upfront as her interest and understanding allows for. I can remember thinking that babies came from belly buttons and then being utterly baffled when I learned that wasn't actually the case. I would prefer dd knows what's what all along but more detail is added to the information as time goes on.

My 6yr old son was asking, so I bought Where Did I Come From for him smile That book hasn't changed since I was a kid!!

Aka G&L smile

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