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So my partner and I have been trying to conceive for a while now. And well, its just not happening. Im due for my period on the 20th of July. But I think I may be having really early symptoms. My boobs are sore when I touch them and they have grown in size. I have also been having sharp pelvic pain. I dont want to get my hopes up because for many months I have been let down. I have never had these types of symptoms before or during my period so its not that. Some positive only advice would be great.

Thanks in advance from a dreaming wanting to come true.
You could be.

Every woman different.

I knew with each one except my first. My boobs the vains came up, they were sore. The smell of certain food turn my stomach. It was only when morning sickness kick in that i knew. Apart from af not arriving on time.

Hope you get the news you've being waiting for.

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