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how much would you pay to get your childs hair cut? Lock Rss

Dd needs her firt haircut. There is hardly anythig tp cut off but she has straight wispy hair which has grown really unevenly and is now in her eyes. Want to know what's reasonable to expect so I'm not shocked. PS I will not do it myself! Haha definitely not skilled enough.

If you go to a hairdresser that works from home you might pay about/up to $15, if you go to just cuts (on a weekday) it's about 15-25 (I cant remember) but if you go to just cuts on the weekend it's adult price.

That's my experience anyway.
I was kinda hoping they won't charge more then $10 since she has only a few strands of hair!! I was going to book it in with my cut and colour so hopefully they either won't charge at all or it'll be very cheap!

I usually go to Salon Express (?) and they charge $19 for a tidy up for kids. It gets a bit pricey when you need to get more than one hair cut. So far it is my 2 older dds and myself and we end up paying $63 for 3 haircuts ( mine is usually $25) we dont get our hair cut as often as we should

You are very daring to bring a 1 year old with you while you get a cut and colour. I'd be punishing my hairdresser if I took my

If you're after a cheap cut aim for the home based salons. They tend to advertise on gumtree or your local newspaper. If it's only a few strands you could give it a go yourself. Alternatively check with just cuts they use to have first hair cuts are free, not sure if this offer is still available.
Its around $10-$15 here in a salon. For us a cousin comes and does the kids hair for $5 at home smile
I just got dd2 hair cut for the first time and she's almost 3, so has a fair bit of hair (it's curly) and they charged me $12. I paid $17 for dd1s (nearly 7) last haircut but we cut a lot off so it was classed as a re-style and was $5 more expensive!
I honestly would google a few salons in your area and see if they do kids prices...I found one in my area that did $10 cuts for kids but they weren't available when I needed,
When DD1 was nearly 2 we took her in for her first trim. It was just a couple of snips along the back, and they charged us the grand total of $4 lol. But a few years later when we took DD2 in for what was a similar trim it was $14. So I guess it was the stylists decision.

I have found a huge difference in prices in my area. Mall hairdresser can be double the price of smaller salons. And hairdressers who work from their own home tend to have the best prices. Doesn't hurt to call around a few places.

For both kids a hair cut made them look so tidy smile

But to answer your question we pay $15 for the kids. in a salon that a women style cut is $32.
It probably depends on where you live?
I live in regional Qld and my hairdresser offers the first cut for free, so as to get them used to sitting in the chair and keeping still and then $10 per cut after that.
Just Cuts only charges $5 for kiddies.
I cut DS's hair myself. He's 2 now and actually doesn't mind sitting still for 5 minutes. In summer I just shave his head to keep him cool.
I realise it's a bit different for girls though. smile
honeyspider wrote:
Just Cuts only charges $5 for kiddies.

I go to Just Cuts myself for trims and I watch the technicians with the kids. Brilliant and patient.

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!

I got my lil ones hair cut for the first time a month or two ago...I went to a friend so it was free but it was only a fringe trim. I wouldn't want to pay more than 10 for it.

Ok so the hairdresser said $15 and literally it was a few strands of hair so my mum did it!! It looks fine and she's just evened the back out a bit. When it grows a bit more I'll pay the whole $15!

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